Spiritual Guidance

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There are times in life when events simply feel overwhelming, and choices become difficult when perspective is lost. 

Through compassionate listening, and a hard-earned understanding of life through the wisdom of yogic and Buddhist philosophy, as well as more contemporary models like Jungian archetypes, I can support you in your own process of change.

Consider Spiritual Guidance if:

  • You have a personal dilemma and no one to confide in
  • You are experiencing a crisis of confidence
  • You are looking for clarity and insight into your current situation
  • You’re questioning your life purpose
  • You are grieving from a loss–either recent or in the past–of a loved one, a marriage, or a purpose
  • You feel chronic dissatisfaction with life

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Sessions last around 75 minutes, and the fee is €75.

Drawing from many ancient systems, yet bound to none, Susan’s spiritual guidance can help you integrate and overcome life’s challenges.

Over the past 7 years, Susan has helped me navigate turbulent issues – personal, professional and spiritual. At different times, and as different needs arose, she calibrated her approach in deeply sensitive ways, and always with a new set of tools to help me manage different transitions/challenges.

She has helped me gain a deeper understanding of what had blocked or sabotaged me, but also to better use my gifts and capacities. I am deeply grateful for the way she has shared her kind attentive wisdom, and nudged me to move on from negative patterns. I have benefited from individual consultations with her but also her Align with Purpose webinar, and can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend both.

~ Magdalena G.

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The Heart is right to cry, even when the smallest drop of light, of love, is taken away.  You may kick, moan, scream in a dignified Silence, but you are so right to do so in any fashion, until God returns to you. 

~ Hafiz