Ayurvedic Health Coaching

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Like it’s sister science yoga, āyurveda aims to empower individuals to take care of their own lives, and discover themselves in the process.

Yoga and āyurveda have been established in tandem through centuries of years of evidence-based practice and results, leading to a complete system based on ancient wisdom and knowledge. Another way of saying this is that both approaches are profoundly rooted in common sense!

At times the therapeutic solutions to various physical and mental health issues, seem obvious and simplistic because we are always looking to achieve balance, which requires the application of the opposite energy to that which is disturbing you. In keeping with these āyurvedic principles, a personalised programme will be developed for you according to your basic constitution (prakriti), and the current health imbalance (dosha).*

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Āyurvedic health coaching – €75 for a 75-minute session


Depending on your personal constitution and current health situation, we can devise a personal diet, hygiene and yoga routine that will help you to recover from poor health, or maintain good health.

Sessions take place via Skype or Zoom at present due to Covid restrictions

Medicine, philosophy and spirituality are united in the ancient science of Āyurveda, which teaches that each person is unique and is born with a body that has its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Every constitution is different, and therefore what works for one person is different to what will work for another.

If the diet is wrong, medicine is useless;
if the diet is right, medicine is unnecessary.

The condition of our digestion affects numerous health issues, such as skin and weight problems, allergies and food intolerance, as well as our thinking and moods. Modern science is beginning to realise that most depression has its origins in our gut (due to an imbalance of the bacteria in the intestines), something āyurveda has maintained for thousands of years. A wide variety of issues can be helped naturally and without expensive treatments.

Āyurveda is not concerned with calories and vitamins, but rather the digestibility of food, which makes its nutrients bio-available. Like other traditional medicines, Āyurveda maintains that most disease stems from problems in the digestive system. It divides digestion into three stages: the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine.

Food that is assimilated in the stomach is used very quickly for the building of fluids, blood and lymph. Food assimilated in the small intestine affects mainly muscles and fat. That which is assimilated in the colon is used to regenerate the skin, bones, hair, nerve sheaths, reproductive fluids, and the brain. All proper maintenance requires good digestion and assimilation, otherwise worn out tissues won’t be regenerated (replaced by healthy, new tissues), and the body becomes prone to illness and premature aging.

From birth, we begin to modify our bodies by what we eat, the medicines we take, the climate and seasons we live with, where and how we live, and a variety of other factors such as environmental hazards, stress due to personal circumstances and relationships, as well as cosmic factors like the cycles of the sun, the moon and other planets.

Learn how to take care of your health for life using
the foundational principles of Āyurveda!

*We all have a certain balance of the elements Vata, Pitta and Kapha in our constitution (prakriti) and while all three of them are active, one or two usually dominate. The imbalance caused by the inevitable fluctuations in the course of living is known as dosha, which is also identified by Vata, Pitta and Kapha.