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    Unavoidably One

    It’s hard to ignore the disheartening news and circumstances of much of the world today. But by sitting quietly and alone with ourselves every day, just long enough to touch the centre of our being, allowing ourselves to fully experience the range of emotions that we are undoubtedly feeling in these times, we will be able to connect with others…

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    Expectations are the Ground of Suffering

    Practising yoga and living a healthy lifestyle-as Katariina does with great joy-doesn’t confer any magical protection. The human body has limitations and, as the Buddha taught, some form of illness is inevitable as long as we're still alive. The real fruits of yoga begin at the edges of physical wellness, when things go wrong and life becomes unpredictable.

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    Taking care of life

    Bluntly put, if you feel you have a problem, the problem is you. It's all you. Suffering is in the eye of the beholder, if I may. I'm not saying there is nothing to do or resolve or change, but the place to start that process will never be outside of you.

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    A plea for mindfulness in mindless times

    If we are truly mindful, we can see that nothing is at it appears to be. Looking deeply, as all sages have taught, shows us that the root cause of our suffering can be traced back to our thoughts, and acts of violence that promote further suffering can themselves be traced back to earlier suffering – also stemming from earlier…

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    Learning from Pain

    “Only this actual moment is life.” Thich Nhat Hanh I have been in relatively intense pain for most of the past two months. It started out as the dull, nagging pain that briefly rears its head a few times a year, the mild twinge of an injury caused by a misguided and over-zealous therapeutic “adjustment” which tore my sacroiliac joint…