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20/20 Vision – Eclipsing the old

We have a chance to restore some order from the chaos, as long as we keep the long view. The next six months shows the direction things will take in our personal and collective experience. It will depend on our concrete actions whether we establish something constructive and of lasting importance – there is a big message of renewal and reconstruction for this holiday season!

Eclipsing the old you

Tomorrow (Tuesday) brings us a Solar eclipse in Cancer (at 21:15 Brussels time). We are all clearing out and clarifying our relationship to our past, our work, our partners, our family, and to all the stuff we have accumulated along the way.

The party’s over!

What was previously unthinkable is now up for consideration. What you thought you knew and wanted is now open to question and total transformation in 2019. The party is over–let the fun begin!

Puppy love

As much as Valentine’s Day can be a really sweet time, I can’t help but cringe as it rolls around each year.  Is it the commercial overtones? The awkwardly out-of-character expressions of love? Are we all …

Turning the corner

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace. ~Bhagavad Gita, 12:12 Non-attachment is one of the principal teachings …

Redefining who we are

Freshly back from a month in India and I must admit I’m reluctant to jump back into the noise of connectivity, but with a very potent solar eclipse happening overnight tonight (Tuesday), I couldn’t stay silent. …