• Nataraja

    The meaning of meaning

    The ancient South Asian image, or mūrti, of Śiva as Naṭarāja - the Lord of the Dance - depicts the cosmic dance of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe as well as the concealment and liberation of the soul. Like all symbols, it requires interpretation. Naṭarāja is symbolic of the endless cycle of life, and no-one in their right…

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    Happy Women’s Day to everyone who ever had a mother

    Dear students and friends in yoga, It says a lot about our era that we need to be reminded to celebrate women today, International Women’s Day. In distant times, the power of the divine feminine was understood to underlie all life, and across the world we can find traces of ancient shamanic and religious rituals and artefacts worshipping the principle…

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    Puppy love

    As much as Valentine’s Day can be a really sweet time, I can’t help but cringe as it rolls around each year.  Is it the commercial overtones? The awkwardly out-of-character expressions of love? Are we all going through the motions to avoid seeming like we don’t care? My inner rebel has always been conflicted about Valentine’s Day because I don’t…