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    Taking care of life

    Bluntly put, if you feel you have a problem, the problem is you. It's all you. Suffering is in the eye of the beholder, if I may. I'm not saying there is nothing to do or resolve or change, but the place to start that process will never be outside of you.

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    Redefining who we are

    Freshly back from a month in India and I must admit I’m reluctant to jump back into the noise of connectivity, but with a very potent solar eclipse happening overnight tonight (Tuesday), I couldn’t stay silent. If ever there was a time to focus on your spiritual journey, this is it! This is a South-Node eclipse, which means that there…

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    Be true to your Self

    For many years (decades!?) I struggled with the sharp contrast between how I wanted to live and how I actually lived, trying hard to do the things that people around me seemed to enjoy or find important, yet generally feeling inadequate, frustrated and pretty much out of the loop because I wasn’t interested in those things for the most part.…

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If you are adversely affected by the Coronavirus lockdown and are looking for advice, support, or counseling, please don't let money be an obstacle. To alleviate the difficulties many of us are experiencing due to loss of work and income, my session fees are reduced by half for anyone adversely affected by the Coronavirus lockdown until May 31st 2020.

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