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    Expectations are the Ground of Suffering

    Practising yoga and living a healthy lifestyle-as Katariina does with great joy-doesn’t confer any magical protection. The human body has limitations and, as the Buddha taught, some form of illness is inevitable as long as we're still alive. The real fruits of yoga begin at the edges of physical wellness, when things go wrong and life becomes unpredictable.

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    Cut the lavender and kill your cows

    Back home from holidays last week, I realised I would have to cut the lavender flowers because they were starting to dry out. I never like doing it because they look so pretty even as they’re fading, but I know that if I don’t I will end up with a lot of old, dry wood as the plants mature, and…

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    Guru Purnima eclipsed

    The Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on July 27th is quite special for a number of reasons. First, it happens to be the annual celebration of one’s most important teachers, known as Guru Purnima. Teachers come in many forms, and though you might feel you don’t have a special teacher, we can think of ourselves as the only student in the…

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    Gratitude and non-attachment

    There is a lot of change happening in my life lately (I know I am not alone in this experience, but hey, this is my blog!).  Big changes have marked my entire life and each one has brought a leap forward in understanding and personal evolution. Yet, all around me, people are saying or writing things to me such as…

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    A fresh start!

    One of the highest teachings of all the great spiritual traditions inevitably also turns out to be one of the most difficult to implement. Non-attachment makes so much sense intellectually, but in practice we find ourselves twisted up in emotions and habits that make letting go of the past a pretty sticky affair. But exhale deeply folks, because if ever…

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