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    How are you?

    I appear to offer a wide variety of solutions coming from different angles, like yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, or astrology, but ultimately, they all take us to the same point of balance - or sattva - which is where we thrive. Only the entry points are different.

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    Self-Compassion depends on the notion of Self

    Q: Why don’t we have compassion for ourselves? Or what causes us to lose compassion for ourselves? Listen to this post or read the text below: On one level, our mistake is in thinking that there is a separate self who needs our compassion. When we realise that there is no separate self – that there is no fixed personal…

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    In it together

    The first stage of grief is denial, and some people are still grappling with this. The degree to which we cling to our comforts, our routines, our prestige, our stuff, is the degree to which we will struggle with change. Getting from stage one of grief - denial - to stage 6 - acceptance - can be a slow and…

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    Perception & Deception

    It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that’s not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. ~ Stephen Colbert, Host of The Late Show Perception has ALWAYS been everything, dear Stephen. For people who are convinced that there is something fixed in time and space called a…

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    Taking care of life

    Bluntly put, if you feel you have a problem, the problem is you. It's all you. Suffering is in the eye of the beholder, if I may. I'm not saying there is nothing to do or resolve or change, but the place to start that process will never be outside of you.

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    Perception, proprioception and purpose

    Given the extreme cold of the past few weeks, I am a very reluctant dog walker these days. Living through twenty-four Canadian winters was plenty enough for me; I’m definitely a warm weather gal! Metta has learned to start looking hopeful only once my second cup of masala chai is finished, by which point I have run out of excuses.…

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    Mindful relationships, starting with ourselves

    American spiritual teacher and 1960s icon Ram Dass quipped that if you’re arrogant enough to think you’re enlightened, you should spend some time with your family and see how that goes! Our most important relationships are very fertile ground indeed for self-awareness, and many of these close bonds are also our first ones so their roots run deep. Unconscious parenting…

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    Who’s your daddy?

    I recently returned from a very healing month in South India (the adjustment to Brussels has been tough, I’m not gonna lie!). It was great being offline and out of touch for a while because it gave me the chance to focus on myself without distraction, allowing me to get back in touch with my body and what it has…