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    Taking care of life

    Bluntly put, if you feel you have a problem, the problem is you. It's all you. Suffering is in the eye of the beholder, if I may. I'm not saying there is nothing to do or resolve or change, but the place to start that process will never be outside of you.

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    Perception, proprioception and purpose

    Given the extreme cold of the past few weeks, I am a very reluctant dog walker these days. Living through twenty-four Canadian winters was plenty enough for me; I’m definitely a warm weather gal! Metta has learned to start looking hopeful only once my second cup of masala chai is finished, by which point I have run out of excuses.…

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    Mindful relationships, starting with ourselves

    American spiritual teacher and 1960s icon Ram Dass quipped that if you’re arrogant enough to think you’re enlightened, you should spend some time with your family and see how that goes! Our most important relationships are very fertile ground indeed for self-awareness, and many of these close bonds are also our first ones so their roots run deep. Unconscious parenting…

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    Who’s your daddy?

    I recently returned from a very healing month in South India (the adjustment to Brussels has been tough, I’m not gonna lie!). It was great being offline and out of touch for a while because it gave me the chance to focus on myself without distraction, allowing me to get back in touch with my body and what it has…

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    Another Big Cycle of Endings and Beginnings

      Following on from its conjunction with Monday’s inspiring new Moon in the last degrees of Sagittarius (December 18th), Saturn moves into a very potent alignment (known as cazimi, the closest possible conjunction) with our Sun in the early hours of Wednesday, December 20th when it enters its home sign of Capricorn, one day before the Sun marks the winter…

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    Calm your mind quickly

    3 Steps to Calm your Mind Fast – it’s all in your hands! Most of us are so hyper-stimulated these days it’s hard to stop the compulsive thinking stirred up by the hectic pace of modern life. At times, over-thinking might simply create a minor distraction from what we should be doing, so it’s not such a big deal. But…

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    Mindful Living Weekend Retreat

    A chance to (re-)discover the profound simplicity of true mindfulness in a beautiful and natural setting at Radhadesh near Durbuy in the Belgian Ardennes, from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September. This retreat is open to anyone wanting to explore a deeper understanding of the nature of the mind, compassion and inner peace. Susan’s approach to mindfulness reflects her years…

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    How real is reality, really?

    Several months ago, I suggested it was a good time to embrace uncertainty and let go of everything else. How’s that working for you? A big part of the uncertainty we are challenged to embrace is an allowance for not having things work out as we had wanted. They almost never do, actually, but we notice less when the results…

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    Equinox and Equilux: finding balance

    Today is the Autumnal Equinox, exact this afternoon (Thursday 22nd, 16:21 in Brussels), at the moment the Sun enters tropical Libra. Technically, this Sunday the 25th – the day of our Open House! – is the day of Equilux, where we have the same amount of light as dark. Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were…