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    WTF Life?!

    Yesterday’s total lunar eclipse in Leo triggered issues of self-expression and individuality and how that fits with what society wants or seems to require. This is awkwardly combined with the awareness of where we might not be taking good enough care of ourselves or nurturing our families and home life while balancing social roles. Eclipses feel like the universe is…

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    Guru Purnima eclipsed

    The Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on July 27th is quite special for a number of reasons. First, it happens to be the annual celebration of one’s most important teachers, known as Guru Purnima. Teachers come in many forms, and though you might feel you don’t have a special teacher, we can think of ourselves as the only student in the…

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    Total Lunar Eclipse – Where were you last summer?

    Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, and because the moon is also at perigee (the closest it gets relative to the centre of the Earth) it’s a bit bigger than usual, which is why it’s also being called a super moon. Plus, being the second full moon in a calendar month (we started this year with a full…

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    Holi Moly – Spring is finally here!

    We’ve just passed spring equinox and this week’s full moon (also a lunar exclipse!) highlights big celebrations in nearly every major religion. Despite the superficial differences, all these traditions have so much in common! Holi is the South Asian festival of colours, which I love because – at least for one day – all people celebrate as equals, and enjoy…

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