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    What’s my Karma?

    “Bad karma” is simply stuff happening that we don’t like. In reality there is no "good" or "bad", just things happening in response to an amalgamation of prior actions, some which we can see clearly, and others which we will never be aware of.

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    Living according to Dharma

    This past weekend I attended a wonderfully inspiring workshop on the Bhagavad Gita, one of the central source texts of yoga. Its compelling story sets the stage for timeless spiritual guidance on how to fulfil one’s highest life purpose as well as how to determine the right choice to make in tricky circumstances. This is known as dharma, and it’s so…

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    Another Big Cycle of Endings and Beginnings

      Following on from its conjunction with Monday’s inspiring new Moon in the last degrees of Sagittarius (December 18th), Saturn moves into a very potent alignment (known as cazimi, the closest possible conjunction) with our Sun in the early hours of Wednesday, December 20th when it enters its home sign of Capricorn, one day before the Sun marks the winter…

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    The real nature of karma

    With so much madness in our world it’s really hard to avoid being drawn into the negativity and dualistic thinking (good/bad, us/them…) that perpetuates it. We say we want peace but we attack others for their opinions, whether it be what food to eat (as in “go vegan to protect animals from violence, or else you’re a murderous, ignorant scumbag”)…