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    What a fool believes…

    Today’s new moon in Sagittarius is likely to trigger some sense of moving on from whatever started in the summer. Pull your proverbial socks up and start planning ahead for the next lunar cycle, which will be solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on December 26th, followed two weeks later by a lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.…

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    Shine your inner light

    Think back to how you broadened your horizons the last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius, from November 2006 to December 2007, especially in the area of life ruled by Sagittarius in your natal horoscope.

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    Full Moon in Scorpio

    You might have experienced a sense of irritability or more than the usual amount of stress or agitation over the past few days leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio overnight from Sunday to Monday (12:57 am UTC). The pressure is lifting now and the next few days will bring you a more uplifting and productive energy, so be…

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    New moon, new impetus for change

    Today the Moon meets the Sun in Libra beginning a new month-long cycle which will especially reveal issues in relationship – how you handle them and with whom. Uranus is directly opposite the Sun and Moon, meaning that outcomes can be very different to what was expected.  Either way, relationships will be changing a lot around this time – either…

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