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    Healing with Sound

    Join Ram Vakkalanka to learn about the profound practice of Nāda Yoga, which he describes as “a combination of philosophy, medicine, metaphysics, and physical yoga, the premise of Nada Yoga is that all things in the Universe, including living beings, are made of sound vibrations, called Nada. It is believed that Nada is the building block of the cosmos and…

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    Another look at Yoga Therapy

    The main resemblance between the Eastern way of life and Western psychotherapy is in the concern of both with bringing about changes of consciousness, changes in our ways of feeling our own existence and our relation to human society and the natural world.

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    The Highest Mantra

    Like lots of people, one of my favourite daily practices is chanting Sanskrit mantras. Even my most sceptical students quickly feel the benefits of chanting once they get over any initial embarrassment at using their voice. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing well because Mantra chanting is not intended to be a musical practice, even though many people…

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    Motherly Love

    Once a year, in most countries, we celebrate Mothers. I suspect that one of the reasons that we do so – aside from the commercial enthusiasm of those selling flowers, chocolate and greeting cards – is the tacit recognition that many mothers are under-supported and generally un-celebrated most of the time. With the clarity of hindsight, I have no doubt…

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    New moon, new start!

    Namaste! Early September has always felt more like a new beginning for me than New Year’s day, perhaps because the long vacation period helps to create a fresh perspective on life. This summer I have been fully devoted to rebalancing my energy after a difficult spring, when exhaustion debilitated me for a few months. I’m now taking my time and…

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    Healing in the Laboratory of Life

    I’ve just returned from a weekend yoga retreat in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes, where trees seem to caress each other and a multitude of birds provides the musical score for the entire experience. Being in nature is essential to our well being, although living in the city we can easily forget this, and feel cut off from nature and our…