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    Fear is the Pandemic. Stay Immune!

    Every full moon reflects the culmination point of what was inspired, planted, or instigated at the new moon two weeks earlier. The Pisces new moon of the 23rd of February symbolises living in harmony and unity for the greater benefit of all beings. How can we live inclusively with the higher good of everyone in mind. Monday evening’s full moon…

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    Guru Purnima eclipsed

    The Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on July 27th is quite special for a number of reasons. First, it happens to be the annual celebration of one’s most important teachers, known as Guru Purnima. Teachers come in many forms, and though you might feel you don’t have a special teacher, we can think of ourselves as the only student in the…

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    Comings & goings above & below

    Today’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon, which sounds far more charming than many of us are likely to be feeling around this time. Saturn is conjunct this Moon in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The moon, representing our emotions and mind, is not comfortable in get-to-the-point Capricorn. This suggests we won’t want to feel difficult…

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    A Full Moon Full of Optimism

    Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culmination point of the past two weeks, as well as a final phasing out of the challenges we faced while Saturn was in that sign between late 2014 and the end of last year. I’m pretty happy to be done with that period, which brought a number of Saturnian restrictions to my health…

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    Full Moon in Scorpio

    You might have experienced a sense of irritability or more than the usual amount of stress or agitation over the past few days leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio overnight from Sunday to Monday (12:57 am UTC). The pressure is lifting now and the next few days will bring you a more uplifting and productive energy, so be…

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    This Full Moon celebrates the Buddha

    Today’s full moon is traditionally dedicated to the Buddha’s birthday and is known as Buddha Purnima (the full moon of the Buddha). Historians can’t agree when he was born exactly, but it was certainly over 2500 years ago. His teachings are unparalleled for their understanding of human nature and psychology. If people could get beyond the mistaken notion that Buddhism…

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    Virgo Full Moon brings a fuller perspective

    Under the light of this Virgo Full Moon we could have important realisations about the current balance between the needs of our heart and those of our intellect – this is a good time to start your Spring cleaning, from the inside out! The Indian festival of colours known as Holi is celebrated at the first full moon of Spring,…

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    Total Lunar Eclipse – Where were you last summer?

    Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, and because the moon is also at perigee (the closest it gets relative to the centre of the Earth) it’s a bit bigger than usual, which is why it’s also being called a super moon. Plus, being the second full moon in a calendar month (we started this year with a full…

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