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    Separation Anxiety

    Our human experience shows us the demands and difficulties of life are real on the level of day-to-day experience and most (though not all) require some form of response (action) on our part. We all know the solution to relieving this pressure will be found in our more high-minded or “spiritual” nature, above all dealing with our personal psychological and…

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    Ubuntu* ~ “I am what I am because of who we all are”

    Twenty years ago this month I received my first yoga teacher certification in Goa, India. I didn’t see myself as a teacher at that time, just a seeker who needed to stretch out of the box I had put myself in since my high school years. Anyway, a certificate doesn’t make one a teacher and just as parents are born…

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    Understanding Anger

    One of the most compelling reasons to overcome anger is that it destroys our own peace of mind, while harming others as well. But if there's one thing the ego hates, it's having to sacrifice a good old rant to a noble ideal!

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