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    A Full Moon Full of Optimism

    Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culmination point of the past two weeks, as well as a final phasing out of the challenges we faced while Saturn was in that sign between late 2014 and the end of last year. I’m pretty happy to be done with that period, which brought a number of Saturnian restrictions to my health…

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    Can you spare any change?

    “Travel light; arrive quickly.” ~ Sathya Sai Baba The only constant is change, nothing lasts forever, and this, too, shall pass. We have all heard these and similar phrases our whole life, yet we rarely take them to heart. We still cling to who and what we love, and can’t bear to let them go. Change is difficult. To avoid…

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    Eclipsing old networks, associations and goals?

    Eclipses form a part of a larger cycle spanning about 19 years, so with today’s Partial Solar Eclipse (15/2) we can look back to February 1999. Significant themes in your outer and/or inner life will appear to be cycling around once again, since these current Eclipses are activating the exact same spots in your chart as 19 years ago (there…

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    New moon, new impetus for change

    Today the Moon meets the Sun in Libra beginning a new month-long cycle which will especially reveal issues in relationship – how you handle them and with whom. Uranus is directly opposite the Sun and Moon, meaning that outcomes can be very different to what was expected.  Either way, relationships will be changing a lot around this time – either…

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    Gratitude and non-attachment

    There is a lot of change happening in my life lately (I know I am not alone in this experience, but hey, this is my blog!).  Big changes have marked my entire life and each one has brought a leap forward in understanding and personal evolution. Yet, all around me, people are saying or writing things to me such as…

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    The art of planning without expectation or attachment

    Things rarely go the way we hope they will, yet we continue to operate day to day as if we know what is coming next. For most people, the word ‘planning’ probably conjures up some form or implicit or explicit to-do list along with an expectation that things will work out accordingly.  Alas, as the saying goes, God laughs when we’re…

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    Turning the corner

    Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace. ~Bhagavad Gita, 12:12 Non-attachment is one of the principal teachings of all ancient wisdom traditions, and allows us to remain in the flow of life where the only constant is change. Called aparigraha in…

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