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    Cut the lavender and kill your cows

    Back home from holidays last week, I realised I would have to cut the lavender flowers because they were starting to dry out. I never like doing it because they look so pretty even as they’re fading, but I know that if I don’t I will end up with a lot of old, dry wood as the plants mature, and…

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    What can we rely upon anymore?

    I have a morbid compulsion to follow the news, and it’s possibly my greatest ongoing spiritual practice. I suspect it replaced my earlier most-intense-practice which was raising kids, and since now that my children are young adults(-ish) we each have more breathing space, I guess I unconsciously found something else to test me. A spiritual practice is indeed indispensible given…

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    This Full Moon celebrates the Buddha

    Today’s full moon is traditionally dedicated to the Buddha’s birthday and is known as Buddha Purnima (the full moon of the Buddha). Historians can’t agree when he was born exactly, but it was certainly over 2500 years ago. His teachings are unparalleled for their understanding of human nature and psychology. If people could get beyond the mistaken notion that Buddhism…

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    Full Moon full of promise

    Every year, the Full Moon in May celebrates the life of the Buddha – his birth (2579 years ago), his enlightenment, and his passing. Known as Buddha Purnima (meaning “full moon of the Buddha”), today is a day to remember the gift of awareness and the deep understanding of the human mind that Siddharta Gautama shared with his followers, and…

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    Understanding Anger

    One of the most compelling reasons to overcome anger is that it destroys our own peace of mind, while harming others as well. But if there's one thing the ego hates, it's having to sacrifice a good old rant to a noble ideal!

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