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    Calm your mind quickly

    3 Steps to Calm your Mind Fast – it’s all in your hands! Most of us are so hyper-stimulated these days it’s hard to stop the compulsive thinking stirred up by the hectic pace of modern life. At times, over-thinking might simply create a minor distraction from what we should be doing, so it’s not such a big deal. But…

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    How not to go crazy in a mad world

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurthi (1895-1986) It’s pretty hard to observe what’s going on in the world these days without – at the very least – shaking your head in wonder. The Internet and social media make it feel all the more urgent, and it’s a challenge to…

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    Learning from Pain

    “Only this actual moment is life.” Thich Nhat Hanh I have been in relatively intense pain for most of the past two months. It started out as the dull, nagging pain that briefly rears its head a few times a year, the mild twinge of an injury caused by a misguided and over-zealous therapeutic “adjustment” which tore my sacroiliac joint…

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    Mindful Living

    This course is an invitation to move towards greater balance, peace and participation in life through a more conscious awareness of our attitudes, feelings and impulses.