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    How are you?

    I appear to offer a wide variety of solutions coming from different angles, like yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, or astrology, but ultimately, they all take us to the same point of balance - or sattva - which is where we thrive. Only the entry points are different.

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    Emotional healing

    When people fall ill, we are usually preoccupied with the physical symptoms that show up before or during the illness. Ayurveda takes a bigger view, observing and evaluating a person's psychological, emotional and physical condition overall when considering their state of health.

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    Nail biting times

    The news around the world these days can be pretty distressing and, for some, it might cause an underlying feeling of anxiety, even if we’re not entirely conscious of these stressful effects. This time of year can also trigger anxiety, destabilizing our energy as the days get shorter and the weather becomes more unpredictable: nervous habits and mental agitation are…

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    Equinox and Equilux: finding balance

    Today is the Autumnal Equinox, exact this afternoon (Thursday 22nd, 16:21 in Brussels), at the moment the Sun enters tropical Libra. Technically, this Sunday the 25th – the day of our Open House! – is the day of Equilux, where we have the same amount of light as dark. Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were…

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    The Second International Yoga Conference in Delhi, India

    I was very pleased to have been able to be a Delegate for Belgium at the second International Yoga Conference in Delhi on 22 & 23 June 2016, along with my colleague, Bernadette Erpicum. Thirty five countries were represented, invited by AYUSH, the Indian Ministry for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. I enjoyed meeting nearly all national…

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    Ayurveda’s Affinity For Copper

    by Nathan Platt Ayurveda has a certain appreciation for copper. It is an important metal present in the ayurvedic conception of the human constitution and it is found in a diverse range of ayurvedic applications, including the storage of potable water, the refining of minerals for supplementation, and the creation of yantras for focusing worshipful intention. Humans have used copper…

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    Prajnaparadha, Our Crimes Against Wisdom

    Prajnaparadha is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “crimes against wisdom” (!). It’s a central concept in Yoga and Ayurveda, because it’s understood that doing things we know we shouldn’t is the cause of most disease and other suffering. Certainly, much of the suffering I have encountered personally and professionally has been the result of not doing what I knew I…

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    Time to clean up the house, time for a fall detox

    by Katariina Bastos Consider your body as a house. The house your self is living in. As any house, this one needs regular cleaning and fixing to stay well and functional. Couple of times a year a thorough, all-covering cleansing is needed, and the rest of the year simply dusting and keeping the corners tidy. Our daily living is toxic,…