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    Think big and don’t look back

    This Full Moon in Gemini is the first of five Full Moons in a row which will take place in the first degree of their respective signs. The first degree suggests a new start in the area the Moon falls in your chart, along with something left behind. Keep up the forward momentum whilst shedding as much ballast as possible…

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    A pivotal New Moon in Libra

    Today's New Moon is not as harmonious as Libra usually likes it, but such are the times we're living in! This is a pivotal moment in a pivotal year that continues to set us up for the bigger changes coming in 2020.

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    Virgo New Moon

    Yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo highlights the theme of societal and governmental transformation that we have been grappling with for quite a long time now, while at the same time showing us where we need to be our own authority and how we are taking care – or not – of our personal structures like our body, our health and…

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    A Full Moon Full of Optimism

    Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culmination point of the past two weeks, as well as a final phasing out of the challenges we faced while Saturn was in that sign between late 2014 and the end of last year. I’m pretty happy to be done with that period, which brought a number of Saturnian restrictions to my health…

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    Virgo Full Moon brings a fuller perspective

    Under the light of this Virgo Full Moon we could have important realisations about the current balance between the needs of our heart and those of our intellect – this is a good time to start your Spring cleaning, from the inside out! The Indian festival of colours known as Holi is celebrated at the first full moon of Spring,…

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