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    A pivotal New Moon in Libra

    Today's New Moon is not as harmonious as Libra usually likes it, but such are the times we're living in! This is a pivotal moment in a pivotal year that continues to set us up for the bigger changes coming in 2020.

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    Starting a new two-year cycle of action & ambition

    Today’s Full Moon in Libra highlights relationships, especially what we might need to change in ourselves or in our relationship to others. But before we decide what needs changing, we first need to find out what we¬†want going forward and where we want to end up. What kind of future do you envisage? What are your goals and hopes for…

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    What about those goals and resolutions?

    Happy new year! Even though it’s just another moment in our lives, it’s hard to avoid getting excited about the change of calendar year, and all of the fresh new possibilities we can hope for. What are you aiming for this year? And what are you going to do about it? From the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra to…