Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar with Surya Mantras

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Aum Mitraya Namaha – Salutations to Mitra, the friend of all who’s light shines endlessly and without discrimination, calling us to action every day. Focus on the heart centre, Anahata Chakra, with gratitude and loving kindness.

Aum Ravaye Namaha – Salutations to the radiant one who offers divine blessings upon all life. We reach up with our whole body to receive them, focusing on the energy centre of purification, Vishuddhi Chakra at the throat.

Aum Suryaya Namaha – Salutations to Surya, the Lord of the Heavens, who represents the supreme consciousness that controls every realm of manifestation. Focus on Swadhisthana Chakra at the sacrum, the centre of creativity.

Aum Bhanave Namaha – Salutations to the illuminating energy of the guru, who removes the darkness of ignorance just as the morning sun removes the darkness of night. Focus on Ajna Chakra, the centre of intellect at the brow.

Aum Khagaya Namaha – Salutations to the one who moves quickly through the sky, marking the passage of time. We bow down to offer our prayers for good progress in life. Focus on Vishuddhi Chakra, the centre of willpower and integrity, at the throat.

Aum Pushne Namaha – Salutations to the source of all strength and nourishment. We offer our whole being in ashtangasana with a focus on Manipura Chakra at the navel, the seat of samana vayu, where prana vayu meets apana vayu, stimulating digestion and assimilation.

Aum Hiranyagarbaya Namaha – Salutations to the golden cosmic source of Self – the seed or womb of life that contains the entire universe in the energy of pure potential. Focus on Swadhisthana Chakra, honouring the centre of creative force.

Aum Marichaye Namaha – Salutations to the Lord of the Dawn, who gives the capacity to discriminate the Real from the Unreal. Maricha also means mirage – a deceptive optical illusion created by the rays of the sun. Focus on Vishuddhi Chakra, which gives us the capacity to choose wisely.

Aum Adityaya Namaha – Salutations to the son of Aditi, the boundless and indestructible Cosmic Mother – Maha Shakti. Focus on Ajna Chakra, the centre of wisdom and intuition behind the eyes.

Aum Savitre Namaha – Salutations to the vivifying and stimulating power of the sun, felt in the pre-dawn light that emerges before sunrise. Lord Savitri is the force that awakens consciousness. Focus on Swadhisthana Chakra, centre of vital energy.

Aum Arkaya Namaha – Salutations to the one who deserves our praise, the source of prana, also known as arka, the energy of life itself. Focus on Vishuddhi Chakra, centre of communication.

Aum Bhaskaraya Namaha – Salutations to the one who leads us to enlightenment by revealing the eternal Truth and lighting the path towards liberation. With a focus on Anahata Chakra, we fold our hands in anjali mudra at the heart centre, and pray that the path be revealed to us.