Āyurvedic Home Cleanse

Yes, you CAN give up coffee for a month…
then enjoy drinking it when you WANT to – NOT because you NEED to!

Your digestive health – the fire in your belly – determines the quality of your life

Most of what is considered normal – indigestion, feeling tired during the day, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, aches and pains, bloating and constipation, “love handles” – can easily be resolved by simplifying and improving your diet and daily schedule. Let me guide you to your own best health in just 28 days with the Āyurvedic Home Cleanse.

We can gradually and easily eliminate the accumulations of winter and ignite the fire of spring to increase immunity, vitality and mental clarity. Whether you feel depleted or want to shed a little “winter weight”, springtime is the ideal period to re-balance your health. As the solar energy increases, we feel more motivated and ready for change, and it’s easier to eat lighter, healthier foods that nourish the body while improving digestion. 

One of the Sanskrit words for fasting is “vrata“, meaning a resolve or a vow. It includes eliminating habits and behaviours as well as foods. When we meditate, it’s like fasting from thinking. We can fast from the news, from social media, from gossip, or from smoking and drinking – and doing so leaves us with more mental space and less chaos. A busy mind leads to poor digestion, which leads to dis-ease!

Purification does not require total abstinence from food

In fact, Āyurveda seldom recommends a total fast! Most often, fasting the Āyurvedic way is about reducing or eliminating certain foods, limiting meals, and restricting unnecessary activities. This allows for better digestion and supports our natural capacity to detoxify, so the body and mind can rest and recover from the usual daily grind.

This ancient practice of periodically reducing our food and mental intake is shown by modern research to increase human growth hormones and stem cells, something that only happens efficiently when we fast, rest, and sleep well. Because of this improved biological function, your energy actually increases when you eat less!

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.”

~ Loretta Laroche

Many of us develop unhealthy habits due to stress – sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other go-to addictions leave us physically depleted and lead to bigger imbalances over time. Even worse, they mask underlying emotional or psychological stresses that are begging for our attention.

Stress-related eating disorders have increased over the past year, and many people have become aware of their unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol and other numbing behaviours. During a cleanse, we find the much-needed structure and courage to face our unhealthy habits and learn how to regulate ourselves in sustainable and self-affirming ways.

If you can say yes to any of the following, it’s time to step back from unhealthy behaviours and reset your digestion:

Chronic fatigue
Gas and bloating
Cracking joints
Acid reflux
Belly fat
Facial puffiness
Skin rashes and itching
Foul body odour
Blood sugar instability
Mood swings
Auto-immune conditions
Poor muscle tone
Recurring infections


How does it work in practice?

You will follow the 28-day programme according to your unique personal goals and health situation – established in consultation with Susan – yet within the context of online group sessions that focus on the principles of cleansing, the effects of certain foods and the way we consume them on our body and mind, and practical daily routines which underpin the home cleanse.

In week one, we will begin eliminating unhelpful habits, foods, and behaviours, and learn the basic daily personal hygiene, yoga, and breathing practices that speed up and support the detoxing process. The group will meet for two information sessions and one Q&A session each week. In addition, there will be short instruction videos and PDFs, all of which will be accessible online.

The first three weeks will be focused on detoxification and simplifying your daily life and diet. For some this will include a three day fasting protocol of some sort at the end of week two (monodiet, fast-mimicking diet, or juice fast according to the needs of the individual).

If you are doing this cleanse to rebuild strength (rasayana) after a period of depletion or convalescence, you will not be fasting but will maintain a simplified, nourishing diet throughout the duration of the cleanse, along with the daily health routines.

During the fourth week we will focus on emerging back into “normal” life with (new) everyday health habits, gradually adding back some of the foods we have limited over 21 days. This stage is very important, so as not to undo the good results of the purification!

30 years of experience and knowledge
packed into one transformational month!


Registrations are closed for the Spring 2021 Cleanse – contact me for information about the upcoming Autumn Cleanse in September-October 2021

If you are too late to follow the month-long cleanse, but would like personalised guidance for improving or maintaining your health, schedule a 75-minute online Āyurvedic Health Consultation with Susan

Answers to Common Questions

Q.  I don’t want to lose weight, so why do a cleanse?

A.  Cleansing is a chance to reset our overall health, initially by giving our digestive system a rest either by taking a simplified diet or by restricting the amount of food we eat each day – or both – for a limited time. This builds willpower and clears the mind – our mood, thoughts, and quality of mind are directly linked to our digestive health – and helps us feel more creative and alive!

Most people who regularly detox and cleanse the digestive system don’t do it to shed weight, because the benefits go far beyond that. Cleansing keeps us instinctively in tune with our body and overall health, so we can intuitively respond to imbalances before they become dis-ease. The benefits of a cleanse are long lasting, so doing it once or twice a year is enough to maintain good health.

Q.  Why is this cleanse so long? Many detox programmes last only a few days!

A.  It’s true that there are a lot of short detoxes and cleanses out there, but they don’t factor in any transition time away from old habits and towards building new ones.

We will be spending time creating a sustainable daily routine that includes proper hygiene and eating habits, as well as learning how to prepare foods and how certain foods affect your body and mind.

Through gentle yoga sequences and pranayama (breathing) exercises, we will support the body and mind through the various phases of transformation.

We will also spend several days at the end of the cleanse to reintroduce “normal” foods, without undoing the benefits of the detoxing efforts we have just made!

Q. With kids and a job, how can I find the time for it?

A.  It’s easy to change habits and eat well when you’re far away from home in a holiday setting. But the best time to learn new healthy habits is in the midst of your everyday life!

In preparation for our four week home cleanse, we will decide on your individual programme based on your goals and current situation. Although the cleans is based on ancient health principles that everyone will be following, the methods for achieving your aims will be individualised and adjusted as needed throughout.

Some people are doing it because they feel depleted and need guidance to rebuild energy and find a healthier routine. Others want to shed some weight and find it hard to do alone – they want the regular support of a group and guidance to keep them on track with a predictable routine that will make daily life less chaotic.

Q.  I’m not available at certain times – will I be able to follow all the sessions with you?

A.  Because everyone is on a different schedule, our sessions will be held at different times, spaced out through each week. Some sessions will be practical explanations of what is to be done over the next few days, and others will be practices that can be done at any time.

Each week there will be a group Q & A session timed to allow most people in the group to attend live. All of these sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing at any time online.

In the first and last weeks you will have a 20-minute individual session with Susan to address your goals and personal health issues.


Whatever your situation, I’ll help you get the best
out of this month and teach you the foundational health principles you and your family can rely on for life!

Join the Āyurvedic Home Cleanse now for just €375 for 28 days
that’s less than the cost of many short detox programmes.
This introductory price will never be offered again!

Join with a friend and both of you save €50 – only €325 each!

From Monday, 12 April until Tuesday, 11 May 2021

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