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In the age of social media, the perception of yoga is changing fast and the role of a yoga teacher is increasingly fuzzy. How is a yoga teacher different from a fitness instructor? Are yoga teachers sharing the best of yoga with their students? What is happening in the world of yoga today? Inadequate teacher training and a superficial view of yoga have eroded the potential and original aim of this ancient practice.

Insightful, wide-ranging, and informative, this book is an inspiring companion for emerging and established yoga teachers and students alike. It offers a solid foundation for understanding yoga today, clarifying confusion around yogic concepts and related topics. Find out how to identify the qualities of a good teacher and how to recognize a poor one, and explore ideas for harmonising yoga teaching with an integrated personal practice.

Teaching Yoga in an Upside Down World is a resource book to help yoga teachers and enthusiasts make sense of basic yogic premises and explore their own contributions to the direction yoga is taking in modern times. 🙏

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