Laughter Yoga

Laughing-Buddha-by-LavoviewDo you want a good excuse to laugh?!

Laughter yoga is the fastest way to look younger, feel lighter and breathe easier! It increases vagal tone and breathing capacity, both known to directly improve health.

Join us to rediscover fun, relaxation, mental clarity and joy. Sessions end with relaxation and smiling meditation.

Book a session for your group, event or office! A 45-minute session is 75 euro plus 15 euro traveling fee within the Brussels Capital Region.

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L A U G H T E R is…

  • Love – it brings people of all stripes closer together
  • Aerobic exercise – it’s good for your heart!
  • Unleashed inhibitions – awkwardness diminishes, barriers dissolve
  • Great for team-building – it improves morale and communication
  • Healing – laughing strengthens the immune system and vagal tone
  • Toning – Muscles get stronger, respiration and circulation improve
  • Encouraging – a great boost for self-confidence, creativity and mood
  • Relaxing – laughing reduces physical, emotional and mental stress

Susan trained to become a laughter yoga teacher with Dr. Madan Kataria in 2010, and has had a great time leading sessions for adults and teens ever since.