The Align with Purpose Course

Are you ready to dive in?

Dates:  The course is currently ongoing until mid-December. It will begin again in early 2021.

The sessions will be on Zoom, and recordings will be made available to all participants for review, or in case you can’t attend.

Course Fee: €575 (or 3 monthly payments of €200) – this includes twelve 90-minute online classes with Q & A session plus three online follow-up sessions with the group (after sessions 4, 8, and 12) plus a 45-minute astrology consultation online via Skype or Zoom plus guided practices each week to do on your own.

Payment to Inspiration ASBL – BE58 3630 3840 6279 – BBRU BEBB – ING Bank (preferred) or via PayPal 


Payment Options: Due to our current global situation, in case of real need discounts are available according to your current financial circumstances. You can also pay in two or three instalments within the course period, according to need. Please contact me for details.

Venue: Online, via Zoom – the ink for our regular meetings will be sent to participants after registration, and an audio and video copy of each session will be available within 24 hours, so you can watch again or follow the course at your own pace.

With Susan’s guidance and support you’ll know exactly how to take on life’s challenges and have a life-long reference for your best alignment in whatever situation life throws your way.

“I feel very lucky to have met you and to have embarked in this course:
I had never done such a thing before and it comes at the right time.”

~ Patrizia B.

Align with Purpose draws on Susan’s three decades of fruitful experience in personal transformation. Yoga, Āyurveda, Mindfulness and Astrology form the basis of the programme, with the goal of bringing you into alignment with your highest purpose, learning how to act from there, and knowing how to re-align whenever necessary throughout life.

 How do you know if this life-changing course is for you?

  • You want to live from a deeper place in all areas of your life
  • Things are changing fast and you’re no longer sure of your role
  • You are determined to overcome uncertainty, chaos or feeling stuck
  • Getting results from proven methods of ancient wisdom appeals to you
  • You’re ready to explore your potential and grow spiritually and personally
  • You want to be connected to a supportive group of people learning and growing together 

Each of us have moments when we really don’t know what to do to go forward, what the right decision should be, and whether we will be ok with the choices we make. Learning to trust the intuitive signals from within is crucial to moving forward with grace and with respect to your larger sense of purpose.

“I’m so grateful for finally finding what I love doing – you helped me so much through your Align with Purpose course, and your natal chart readings – I don’t think I’d gather up the courage or even found myself, if not for you. Thank you!”

~ Katarina H.

You are worth the effort required to embrace the life you want.

Only YOU can do it, and you absolutely CAN! 

Align with Purpose to stretch into the life you want!


Aligning with Purpose is about embracing who you truly can be through how you show up every day in your life, according to your own values and priorities.

This unique course is designed to sift through any limiting beliefs or unconscious behaviours that prevent you from living life on your terms. Your transformational journey is supported by individual and group coaching, practical exercises–including embodied and meditative practices, plus journaling and sharing–and a personalised exploration of your life’s blueprint through your astrological horoscope.

This is for you if…

  • you’re embarking on a new direction in life and want to make the most of it
  • you’re excited about a new project or venture and looking to make it work for you
  • your kids are growing up and you’re looking for a new challenge
  • you’ve gone through some turbulence and want to steady the course going forward
  • you just want to step back from your life and reassess where you’re headed
  • you’re looking for a new way to be in your most important relationships
  • you enjoy the good company of like-minded people 

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You will be guided and support to make the necessary changes–or reinforce what is working well–in 12 key areas of your life, so you can reach your goals and stretch out into the life you want to create:

Your Relationship with Yourself & Your Body | Your Support System | Your Ambitions | Your Inner Self | Your Self Expression | Obstacles to Overcome | Your Partnerships | Your Life Force | Your Philosophy of Life | Your Public Self | Your Enjoyment of Life | Death & letting go

“I gained deeper insight into matters that mean a lot to me, such as my relation to my past and present self, relatives and friends, and to the others around me. I discovered new tools for exploring myself and the world by living with greater awareness. I am more considerate of other people’s feelings and points of view.  What I appreciate about Susan’s course is her astuteness of mind, her eloquence, the exhaustive topics she covers, and her attentiveness to our individual concerns.” 

~ Dessy B.


“[Align with Purpose] allowed me to realize a multitude of things about the past (especially my childhood and family traumas), about the way I judge myself and the others, about the way and the reason I behave as I do… It felt like a deep dive into the subconscious and a spring cleaning of the emotional garbage I’ve been piling up all my life. A self-discovery trip that helped me see clearly my fears and the self-sabotaging mechanisms and allowed me to recognize the truth of who I am. A truly cathartic and liberating experience!

AWP changed my way of thinking things and interacting with the people around me but most importantly it changed the way I treat myself and my inner child who has been practically ignored for 46 years!
I would definitely recommend the AWP course to everybody I care about! In fact, I already did…”

~ Ioanna V.