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    Not your normal Sunday

    What is that nagging void? The ongoing mild frustration that won’t shake off? Why is there no more joy in my job/marriage/life? When we’re feeling unclear the mind becomes muddy and dark, like a pond in the rain. It will pass. It’s crucial not to feed the thoughts that cloud the mind. Depression and anxiety result from the repetition of…

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    Where yoga begins

    What a mad month of September it has been so far! It has felt like an obstacle course to me, and I’m not yet through it. I have been trying to send this newsletter out since Saturday, and crazy interruptions – not least of which has been no access to WiFi – have kept me stalled.  Thankfully, I have my…

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    Getting our ducks in a row

    The revolutionary cycle we’ve been living in for the past seven-plus years is affecting everyone. The more destabilised our outer world becomes, the more we need to work on cultivating our inner stability. Today’s New Moon – the second one of August! – offers us the opportunity to reflect on new ways of living in service to others beings. How can…

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    Where Sensitive meets Sensible

    We are each somewhere on the spectrum from being so highly sensitive to what is happening day to day that we are unable to function fully in the world we created around us, or at the opposite extreme, where we become so hyperactive, and perpetually busy - even if only in the mind - that we have no time or…

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    Time to turn the page!

    Today’s New Moon in expressive Leo is strongly influenced by Venus, symbol of abundance, money, relationships, and what we enjoy in life. Venus is where we find our happiness, which generally revolves around relationships and values, so now we are likely to explore new ways of going forward with people and money. It’s a promising fresh start compared to the…

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    The yoga holiday from hell

    I'm moving this month so I won't be traveling, and since much of my attention is focused on the comings and going of my kids and the contents of my home, I decided to share a holiday story from my book. It helps to remind me that it's not always a bad thing to just stay at home.

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    Momentum and growth

    We are six months away from a big pivot point in the greater scheme of things. Old patterns - personal, social, individual, collective - are evidently dysfunctional and need to be interrupted. Eclipses always interrupt patterns one way or another, so try releasing old ways and habits in a conscious manner which responds to what you already sense needs updating.

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    Separation Anxiety

    Our human experience shows us the demands and difficulties of life are real on the level of day-to-day experience and most (though not all) require some form of response (action) on our part. We all know the solution to relieving this pressure will be found in our more high-minded or “spiritual” nature, above all dealing with our personal psychological and…

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    What’s my Karma?

    “Bad karma” is simply stuff happening that we don’t like. In reality there is no "good" or "bad", just things happening in response to an amalgamation of prior actions, some which we can see clearly, and others which we will never be aware of.

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    Eclipsing the old you

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) brings us a Solar eclipse in Cancer (at 21:15 Brussels time). We are all clearing out and clarifying our relationship to our past, our work, our partners, our family, and to all the stuff we have accumulated along the way.