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Going viral – living in a fast-changing world

Going viral – living in a fast-changing world. We must think carefully about what we want society to look like – what is a tolerable level of control over daily life? Do you want to return to “normal”? What is it about normal that you want to go back to? Or is it reassurance and security you want? This is what Saturn in Aquarius is now highlighting since March 22nd, and will be a major theme over the next two and a half years.

New Moon Reflections

Happy Earth Day, and what a poignant coincidence that it happens at the New Moon in Taurus, which is reflecting the tough times we will be facing along with our planet for a long time to …

In it together

The first stage of grief is denial, and some people are still grappling with this. The degree to which we cling to our comforts, our routines, our prestige, our stuff, is the degree to which we will struggle with change. Getting from stage one of grief – denial – to stage 6 – acceptance – can be a slow and circuitous process. But it is made easier by becoming aware of our clinging and aversion, and recognising when we are living into the past or future at the expense of this moment.

Worrying is negative goal-setting

As a species, we humans are unique in our capacity to ignore life. We are singularly, pathologically, capable of destroying the environment that sustains us, of inventing worries and stresses that do not exist, of causing disruption and hatred because of the appearance and customs of other human beings… and then wonder why we are suffering.

WTF life? (bis)

Following on from Friday’s lunar eclipse, Saturn and Pluto are perfecting their conjunction today, a long, slow dance that has been building up to for the past year. We’re in the crucible now, and unable to know or even imagine the results of our current life experiment for months to come. This is the end of a cycle begun in 1982, and the start of a new one.