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    What’s my Karma?

    “Bad karma” is simply stuff happening that we don’t like. In reality there is no "good" or "bad", just things happening in response to an amalgamation of prior actions, some which we can see clearly, and others which we will never be aware of.

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    Eclipsing the old you

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) brings us a Solar eclipse in Cancer (at 21:15 Brussels time). We are all clearing out and clarifying our relationship to our past, our work, our partners, our family, and to all the stuff we have accumulated along the way.

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    A Meaningful Full Moon

    Today’s full moon gives us a much-needed optimistic and inspiring energy. With the summer solstice coming on Friday a new season begins and we can enjoy the light and energy of this solar high point. By recognising that our existence depends on the Sun we always have something to be grateful for, regardless of our beliefs or sense of spirituality.

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    Bearing Trauma

    It's important for us to keep in mind that the mass murders and abuses like those of the Nazi regime are not only historical events; this delusion of otherness and violent disconnection continues today in various forms and to varying degrees all around us, and each episode in communities around the world leads to individual and collective trauma that wounds…

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    Truth or Dare?

    For all anyone knows, nothing is. Everything has to be taken on trust; truth is only that which is taken to be true. It’s the currency of living. There may be nothing behind it, but it doesn’t make any difference so long as it is honoured. One acts on assumptions. What do you assume? The Player, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are…

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    Better late than never!

    Everything happens in cycles. If we can control our desires and see them as the drives that lead us towards more suffering sooner or later, likely dragging other people towards suffering along with us, then we can slow down enough to live at a pace that allows us to evolve towards a more satisfying rhythm with life itself - for…

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    Coming to light

    The configuration around today’s full moon is also triggering the same point where Saturn appeared to stand still at the end of Libra for a long time in late 2012, so for many people, this can be a culmination of events involving relationships, justice or diplomacy that started or were highlighted at that time. Julian Assange would certainly be able…

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    The meaning of meaning

    The ancient South Asian image, or mūrti, of Śiva as Naṭarāja - the Lord of the Dance - depicts the cosmic dance of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe as well as the concealment and liberation of the soul. Like all symbols, it requires interpretation. Naṭarāja is symbolic of the endless cycle of life, and no-one in their right…

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    Unavoidably One

    It’s hard to ignore the disheartening news and circumstances of much of the world today. But by sitting quietly and alone with ourselves every day, just long enough to touch the centre of our being, allowing ourselves to fully experience the range of emotions that we are undoubtedly feeling in these times, we will be able to connect with others…

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    Blue moon blues?

    Happy Holi! The Indian festival of colours at the Full Moon each Spring marks the time when winter crops like wheat are harvested there, bringing all communities together: enemies are to be forgiven, and old disagreements are to be set aside. Don’t we need a good dose of that nowadays? The Full Moon in Libra early on Thursday morning is…