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Mindfulness of Suffering

If it is happiness you seek, first tolerate suffering.Without experiencing tears, you will not appreciate laughter. ~ Chengnawa Lodrö Gyaltsen (1402-1472)   Things are getting incredibly stressful as Delhi in particular, and India in general, is suffering enormously …

Time for Spring Cleaning!

With the buzz of spring in the air, the body naturally seeks out a change in rhythm and diet. Unfortunately, most people nowadays ignore this impulse and carry on eating the same foods year round, with a few seasonal vegetables thrown in to add colour to an otherwise recurring menu. Preferences become habits, then addictions. Annoying health issues – brushed aside for too long and ignored by most doctors as “normal” – become problematic.

Happy New Moon, Happy New Year of the Ox!

Think of this lunar cycle as the beginning of a roughly 28-day period and look to see some of the effects of what has been planted in the Aquarius Full Moons (there will be two!) of July 24th and August 22nd. We saw two Full Moons in Cancer in 2020, now in 2021 it is Aquarius’ turn to really focus on results. This adds another layer to the focus on the Aquarian energy this year. Finally, consider this as a general field of importance in your life since Saturn and Jupiter kicked off a longer cycle of change last December which lasts through this year and will have repercussions for many years to come.

What’s next?

I’m glad you’re still here with me in these strange times! For me, the past few days were spent enjoying quiet contemplation, away from social media and making the most of solitary time (or almost, as …