Truth, lies, and the path of wisdom

Truth, lies, and the path of wisdom

Each of us has several old stories we unconsciously tell ourselves about the world around us and our place in it. No doubt some new stories have also crept into the back of our minds during this past uncertain and disruptive year. Our stories can be comforting, helping us cope with challenges to our self-image or sense of safety, or they can be unsettling old voices that keep us living in lack and fear.

What’s the story?

Our most impactful stories are rooted in childhood fears and distant traumas that never quite receded or are being reanimated by current stresses. As a perfectly normal stress response, we tend to cling to what is familiar, whether that is a healthy routine or an unhealthy addiction, and distrust what is unfamiliar.

Much of what I do involves working in various ways with people’s stories and their impact on mental and physical health. Sometimes our stories keep us in a dissatisfying loop of stagnation and self-fulfilling prophecies, and there are times when life situations become untenable. If the stories don’t fall apart of their own accord, they suddenly need to be critically examined.

(This week I’m following a series of daily presentations organized by Science and Non-Duality and my hero, Dr Gabor Maté. If you’re interested in the role trauma plays on our lifelong physical and mental health, you can join by signing up here

Eclipses, like the solar eclipse at today’s New Moon in Gemini (June 10th), often reveal new truths and snap us out of our complacency. Mutable sign eclipses like this one in Gemini particularly symbolize a need for increased flexibility and adaptability.

Gemini, among other things, represents different ways of relaying and perceiving information and processing ideas using granular raw data like symbols, numbers, and facts; it’s also a great storyteller even if facts might be sacrificed for the entertainment value of a good yarn!

Gemini’s polarity, Sagittarius, represents our beliefs and philosophical notions, and although high minded at best, it can sometimes veer towards dogmatic thinking – seeing a bigger picture but ignoring inconvenient details and pesky “facts” that might not support the preconceived world view – much like our unquestioned stories.

Indian astrology uses the lunar mansions, called Nakshatras, which divide the chart into smaller segments and add extra elements of understanding to the interpretation. This eclipse is happening in Mrigashira Nakshatra, which is an energy of seeking and questioning (and happens to be where my natal Jupiter is, which explains my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding of just about everything). I see this as adding even more emphasis to the already-reflective Mercury retrograde which is so closely conjunct the eclipse.

Meanwhile, the dreamy, idealistic, and potentially deluded energy of Neptune is in a challenging aspect to retrograde Mercury’s emphasis on reviewing, thinking, organizing, understanding patterns and concepts, as well as communication of all kinds. Some degree of self-deception and/or collective deception is likely to obscure our understanding of what is happening in these times, whether personally or collectively.

What is the truth?

What do I believe and how do I know it’s true are big questions right now. If anyone tells you they know what’s going on, back away slowly! We live in an age where amassing information passes for intelligence, and wisdom and discernment are rare.

There is a palpable fear of change in many people, which is as powerful as the desire to instigate change felt by others. This is happening simultaneously on the personal and collective level, even if our personal need for change seems only to be a response to the collective changes around us.

For the new plans and actions to lead to a genuinely better situation, we need to confront whatever shadow fears prevent us from or taking decisions on our own behalf, or taking responsibility for our health and that of the planet.

If in doubt, don’t!

Do not let others think for you. If things remain unclear, wait until you feel more certainty or until additional information is revealed in the weeks and months ahead before setting out on a new course of action.

The Gemini eclipse of June 10th 2002 happened at the same degree as this one, which tells us that we are and will be experiencing a very similar energy, even as other planets are affecting the eclipse in a different way now.

As this week’s eclipse strongly relates to that eclipse cycle of 19 years ago, think back to 2002 and early 2003: What was happening in your life? Which of your beliefs and stories were being challenged then? Where were you not getting enough information to move forward with confidence?

That was around the time when the Iraq war was being promoted by the US and its allies as the inevitable solution to a black and white issue presented as good versus evil. The lies around weapons of mass destruction, unquestioned or covered up by mainstream media and perpetrated by people who positioned themselves as unquestionable authorities, created the same sort of divisions we are experiencing today over the similarly nebulous issues surrounding social controls, the Covid pandemic, its origins, and its one tidy official solution, vaccination.

The censorship and disagreements prompted by fanatically polarized thinking – what Orwell called Groupthink – are reappearing in this era, all the more obviously now as private yet quasi-authoritative social media companies ban and censor people for their opinions or positions on the global situation. Much as 19 years ago, free speech today is quickly shut down in ostensibly democratic countries with very little opposition – and even enthusiasm – amongst otherwise liberal-minded people.

At the time of the Iraq war those who were opposed to it were branded anti-American or anti-democratic and pro-terrorist – “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”. The impact of such propagandist tools is harsh and real, as those who question the official narrative are socially and professionally ostracized for their beliefs and demands for justice. And just as 19 years ago, as more information gets revealed, those rebellious voices are drowned out by a revised and updated official narratives and distraction techniques.

The second of this year’s three disruptive Saturn-Uranus squares occurs on June 14th, which spices up this eclipse energy quite a bit and underscores the tensions between authorities and those in opposition. Saturn squared Uranus on February 17th and will do so again on December 24th, but the unstable energy is a signature of all of 2021.

The need for fundamental change is implicit in Saturn-Uranus squares, which symbolise a crossroads. We are no doubt at an important junction as our collective experience is pulling us between the (imagined) past and the (imagined) future: familiar structures, patterns, and values versus radical new ones – it’s not yet clear which is winning out, but history suggests that change can be triggered in surprisingly sudden ways.

Saturn shows where we need to cut ties to old ways of doing things, and Uranus shows what is possible, albeit unfamiliar and chaotic. As Saturn is retrograde, Uranus is the stronger force, so innovation and surprise solutions temporarily has the upper hand over slow transformation.

Bitcoin instability is another good example of the big picture symbolism: we see the losses for many who have bought into Bitcoin’s promise of get-rich-quick energy so closely tied with the angry energy of rebellion and turning away from what we already know, while slowly merging back into it. The volatility of this young currency is increasing in 2021 and is likely to continue for quite a long time to come for financial and political reasons. It is a superb metaphor for the Saturn-Uranus square!

The Path of Wisdom

Within the past few weeks we have seen a substantial new openness and a fundamental questioning (Saturn) of what we know about UFOs as well as of Einstein’s previously venerated theory of relativity (explaining dark matter), which is a paradigm shift (Uranus) on a cultural level that we will only understand in years to come.

Science is touted as infallible – “It’s science!” will be yelled in the face of anyone who questions motives and dogma around medicine today, to end all discussion – yet again and again it proves fallible. Conveniently forgetting the multitude of revisions needed to upgrade science “facts”, once a prevailing scientific dogma takes hold, people grasp it with unrelenting fervor, and questions are dismissed as ignorant or heretical. Never mind that questioning is the very essence of true scientific methodology!

For generations we have based society on concepts that appear as real, fixed, and unquestionable, assuming they cannot be modified or refused simply because people in authority tell us that these are the rules (!). Alas, change is likely to happen through disruption and violence (Uranus-Saturn) rather than a cooperative assumption of new standards, because so many people stand to lose their power and money when this House of Cards inevitably crumbles.

Some questions to reflect upon at this time:

What freedoms am I afraid to embrace?

Where am I afraid to trust myself?

Why am I resistant to change?

What is the worst case scenario for me?

As long as there is some type of uncertainty or potential for outright deception, whether from authorities or our own thoughts, we are best to sit back and observe how life is unfolding, noticing where change is necessary – the energy for action will arise spontaneously when the time is right.

Retrograde times are excellent for seeing new possibilities and for resolving old dilemmas. There’s an old Hebrew notion that God speaks to us through the planets: let’s keep listening until we are shown what we need to see to move forward constructively. As we individually and consciously choose a new direction, we slowly and inevitably change the direction of society. Unconsciously following the path of least resistance – doing nothing new – is also a choice, and equally co-creates our future.

Question everything. Keep an open mind and a compassionate heart. Know that in the greater scheme of things, everything is perfect just as it is, and go on making the best choices you can for your own clear path of wisdom.

With much love and light,


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