Living well, sustainably

Living well, sustainably

It has been an invigorating month of renewal for me and the 20 others who followed the Ayurvedic Home Cleanse. Although not the central aim of most participants, the average weight loss was 5 kilos – excess weight that was dropped effortlessly once blood sugar was balanced and long-held toxins were eliminated, all while eating delicious, nutrition-dense food.

The beauty of Ayurveda is not just that it responds to our biological needs, but that it also works on the level of mind and spirit. Importantly, it emphasizes integrating our food and lifestyle habits with what is happening in the environment around us, adapting how we live to the seasons, the weather, and the time of day.

Ayurveda is a perfectly sustainable way of living that is a logical extension of yoga and mindfulness, each supporting the practices of the other.

Simplicity, regularity and stability are the key concepts underpinning good mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. When we add in good eating habits as well, we can overcome health issues and strengthen immunity, adapting with resilience to changing circumstances.

Learn simple, practical and effective ways to do just that in my upcoming webinar teaching you how to achieve Naturally Strong Immunity with Ayurveda. Your contribution will support Karuna Sechen’s work in Nepal, a tiny Himalayan country currently struggling with the enormity of it’s Covid crisis.

You have no doubt already been offering your support to various urgent causes lately. I am sure you will not only benefit from the scientifically backed, traditional health practices I will be sharing on the 27th, but also from knowing you are contributing to worthwhile projects under the discerning vision of Matthieu Ricard and Karuna Sechen.

During my many journeys to South Asia, and the Himalayan region in particular, I have always been struck by the spontaneous generosity of the local people who are so happy to share a meal or offer a cup of tea despite having very little. Please join me in giving whatever you can for those who have so very little, and whose humble lives and livelihoods are being devastated by the current pandemic.

My upcoming Full Moon Meditation will also be gathering funds for the same cause, and if you want to join us there, click here for more details.

Much love and light as ever,