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Happy New Moon, Happy New Year of the Ox!

Today’s special new moon – marking the new year in Asia – is part of a rare stellium of six planets in Tropical Aquarius.  There is such an imbalance of energy in the current astrology, and so much intensity in the sign of Aquarius at the moment, that I thought it might be useful to point out what you might be working with in your life these days.

Through next week especially, and to a certain extent throughout 2021, there is some potential disruption, stimulation or novelty – represented by both Uranus and Mars in Taurus – which adds to the Aquarian emphasis on something new and forward thinking that needs our attention now.  

As a particularly supportive energy, we have Venus joining Jupiter exactly today just hours before the Moon joins the Sun to form the New lunar cycle. To me this shows the promise of this next cycle to offer something far more optimistic and constructive than we have seen for many months.

Think of this lunar cycle as the beginning of a roughly 28-day period and look to see some of the effects of what has been planted in the Aquarius Full Moons (there will be two!) of July 24th and August 22nd. We saw two Full Moons in Cancer in 2020, now in 2021 it is Aquarius’ turn to really focus on results. This adds another layer to the focus on the Aquarian energy this year. Finally, consider this as a general field of importance in your life since Saturn and Jupiter kicked off a longer cycle of change last December which lasts through this year and will have repercussions for many years to come.

If you know where your rising (or ascendant) sign is, read that for a sense of the area of life that is most affected. Reading about your Sun sign will give you further information that can especially affect things like your career, and if you know what your moon sign is, you can also read from that perspective for a more internal experience based on your emotional or psychological situation – so follow all three if you know them!

The Aquarius influence by sign

Here we go, starting with the sign of Aquarius, since it is so strongly affected right now. The last time we had so much energy in Aquarius was in early February 1962*. Indeed, if you were born sometime from 1962 to 1964 or from 1991 to 1993, you will be having your Saturn return, which adds another layer of intensity to this period of your life!

Because this is happening in your first house of Self, this is going to affect all areas of your life – what we could call the pillars of your life: your individual sense of self or who you feel yourself to be in your life, as well as your important relationships; your home including the actual house you live in (perhaps there’s a desire to move or there will be a big change in home for you) as well as your deeper psychological or emotional nature. This can also include issues or changes with regards to your mother or your family of origin in general; your social status or the role you play in the world, including your career, is also being affected – what needs to change there? This is going to be a major transformational period for you – run with it!

Pisces, you might find this period a bit tiring, as all of this energy is in your 12th house, an area of the chart where things are either hidden (meaning not obvious) or far away from us and so difficult to materialize. This can be very helpful for spiritual work, or preparatory research for a project you have in mind. Assess and change any habits that might not be supporting you or are becoming problematic, such as addictions or other self-sabotaging behaviors – the 12th house is also known as the House of Self-undoing! Faraway places are also among the things that are not readily visible, and these can take on some importance now. Much of this energy for you is going to be interior, intimate or behind the scenes. Think of this time as preparation for the coming weeks, when the energy shifts into your sign and you become more outwardly engaged

Aries this is charging up your 11th house, which is what your role in the world brings you, including social groups and contacts, income from the work you do, your goals and hopes for the future. It seems like your social circle and overall aims are in for a big change, and this is the time to take advantage of the momentum. Change and innovation is happening around your finances and self-worth, and next week could show you some of the likely changes in store for the rest of the year.

Taurus, your 10th House of careeer and social status is highlighted, and you might find that you are identifying with a whole new area of responsibility or a new role in your life. You might decide you have new ambitions or a new way of accomplishing your ambitions and this can offer some significant opportunities for recognition by others. You have already been going through a period of major change since the spring of 2018, and this is your chance to step up to whatever new role you have been considering for yourself in the past three years.

Gemini, you will see more activity in your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy and religion, international connections, publishing, and teaching. What about that book you have been wanting to write all these years? You could do that now: 2021 is a great year for diving seriously into studies or teaching. It’s also the house of astrology, so that might become a substantial new focus of interest for you! This is a supportive time for personal expansion. There can also be more emphasis on your parents now, especially your father.

For Cancer, deep transformation is on the agenda now and through most of this year and next. It’s a good time to confront and overcome your fears or unresolved challenges through coaching, therapy, and counselling. You will have great success in both understanding and overcoming what seems to operate from deep within you. New social connections and life goals will both support and reflect the changes you are making now. There can be a lot of change around shared resources, including your spouse’s income, or an inheritance.

Leo, like Cancers, tend to have challenges in relationships since Saturn rules both of their houses of marriage and partnership. After spending 3 years in Cancer’s relationship house, Saturn has now moved into yours where it will stay until the spring of 2023. It’s time to get serious about your partners – make any changes necessary to update and upgrade both those important others you relate to on a regular basis, as well as how you do your relating. What needs to change there, Leo? There can be legal or organisational issues to deal with, which might be tied to your social status or career. That area of your life has been changing since early 2018.

Virgo, this is a great time to improve your health and take care of any imbalance in that area, however small. Whatever is going on with your health at the moment is most likely a result of your daily routines and habits, and this is the spark need to make some changes. It can also be that you want to set some healthier boundaries around how you look after or work for others. If so, keep going like that! It seems like your life philosophy has been changing for the past three or so years. The improvements you make this year and next will support you spreading your wings towards those new horizons that are inspiring you now.

At last, Libra, some good news! It’s been a tough few years and now you can find ways to enjoy your life more – new hobbies, creative new ways of expressing yourself, and something new around your children (or perhaps your business projects) will keep your focus for the next few weeks, and even into 2023. An inheritance, (re-)financing loans or debts, or a change in your spouse’s income can influence the choices you make now and through 2021.

Scorpio – what does “home” mean to you? Since December, so many of my Scorpio clients have moved, are moving or are now planning to move that I am assuming this includes you, too! It’s a good time to establish a new foundation for your life – what you put in place from now until early 2023 will support you for the next couple of decades, so take your time to get it right. Your important partnerships – personal or professional – have changed a lot since early 2018 and are still playing a big role in how things will look for you for the next few years. Make any necessary changes in your relationships so you can make it work for you in the best way possible.

This is a good time to sharpen your skills, Sagittarius, learning new ways of doing things that can expand your horizons or bring in new connections. You might take on a new role in your local community or find that you and others can benefit from your writing and communication skills. Your day-to-day life has been changing a lot over the past couple of years and you should be sure not to overdo it, as you are more prone to nervous disorders and even accidents at the moment. Business development or a competitive pursuit will bring you a lot of enjoyment and growth this year.

Capricorn you’ll be right at home with this energy in your 2nd house of money and personal resources. The big relief is that the pressure is off you personally now after three intense years, and you will feel increasingly more breathing space and growing self-esteem in the weeks and months ahead. Some changes to, or restructuring of, your income and finances is likely now and through early 2023, probably linked to your children (if there are any) or your hobbies and spending on sports and other entertainment. Avoid gambling now – although it’s not usually your downfall, you might find 2021 has enough expenses without throwing your money away. It’s a good year for long-term investment instead.

Enjoy your new projects and the changes they bring, and let me know how you are getting on.

Much love and light as ever,

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*Just for some examples on the world stage, China has Aquarius rising and this suggests that it will play a significant and lucrative role in global affairs in the coming decades. During the 1962 stellium in Aquarius it started a significant border war with India after having invaded Tibet and unsettled the region in the years before. The Russian Federation (established 25 December 1991) has Saturn in Aquarius in its 7th house of partnerships, which means it is currently in its first Saturn return. 2021 and 2022 should be major years for Russia as it will be determining how to go forward and “mature” in its partnering role. For both countries, events occurring around this time will strongly influence how all that unfolds.

Image credits Ady Ven and Monthaye @ unsplash