What’s next?

What’s next?

I’m glad you’re still here with me in these strange times!

For me, the past few days were spent enjoying quiet contemplation, away from social media and making the most of solitary time (or almost, as Metta is at my side) while I recharge and renew myself for the longer days ahead. Fifteen years ago today my baby son Victor died in my arms, and this time of year usually brings me to some level of reflection on what it means to enjoy a life well lived. I’m keenly aware that several of you have recently had to say a final goodbye to loved ones, in some cases unable to be physically present to do so, and you are also very much in my thoughts.

Just one year ago today, I visited the Trimbakeshwar Temple in Maharashtra. It is one of India’s 12 Jyotir linga (pillar of light) temples, but it’s the only one that unites the trinity of Brahma, Viśnu and Śiva – the entire cycle of creation and dissolution in one place of worship. It was a fitting way to close out last year, but the lingering symbolic impact has been all the stronger throughout this one!

As the backdrop to the extraordinary headlines, several rare cosmic events occurred in 2020, each of them on their own (astrologically) signifying a turnover, the end and therefore new beginning of something major. This was especially and powerfully reflected in our collective experience, but naturally also in our individual lives, in at least one important area. I outlined many of these passages in various posts (notably setting the tone here) and talks throughout the year, so won’t go over them again now.

Our adaptive skills have been tested to the max since the beginning of 2020. We started the year with a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Cancer, highlighting issues of personal and family security needs versus collective, corporate, and government security needs, and triggering many of the events that followed in the months ahead. Overnight (December 30th at 04:28 CET), we are capping off the year with a Full Moon in Cancer, once again balancing those polarities. How fitting!

Just think of the inner resources we have discovered and developed over the course of this year’s challenges! Saturn represents maturity and the process of maturation through life experiences, and this has been the most Saturnine year in memory.

What have we learned? How have we adapted to restrictions and limitations from an outer authority of some sort (signified by Saturn)? Refusing to follow authority can be a step towards assuming one’s own authority, or it can be a childish and selfish rebellion. Where have we refused to adapt? And why? Can we see where over-conformity or selfish rebelliousness has caused trouble and suffering in our personal lives and in society?

The archetype of the Child says: “I want” and does not understand the impact of its choices (demands!) on itself or others. The (healthy) Parent archetype knows that all choices have consequences, so takes in a bigger picture when considering which wants and desires can be fulfilled at any given time.

Our modern world is full of adults living in the Child archetype. Immediate gratification and entitlement have become the norm, at great cost to society and the environment. We took the car keys and crashed the car. Now what? Who is going to fix this?

Tout le malheur des hommes vient d’une seule chose, qui est de ne savoir pas demeurer en repos, dans une chambre. ~ Blaise Pascal

Refusing to acknowledge our role in the problem keeps us firmly in the Child archetype, expecting others to clean up, solve our problems, and – especially – make them go away so we can get on with enjoying our toys.

Where lessons have been learned, we can gradually or perhaps suddenly shift towards the Adult archetype. We made the mess. We need to clean it up.

Notice that real progress in life and society can only happen through the Adult archetype. Fewer and fewer cultures over the past several decades have Rights of Passage ceremonies that clearly show the youth where and how they need to become responsible members of society.

Where these are lacking, we see adolescence extending well into the third decade of life, until it bumps up against Saturn at the end of its first cycle around 27-29 years. Where the lessons are not learned, the next cycle begins with even more rebelliousness and concomitant pain as (or in some cases, “if”) life moves on.

To me, 2020 has felt like a collective Saturn return. What we do about that is going to be the major theme of 2021 and the decade ahead of us.

So much to ponder. Ponderousness means weighty, both in thought and heaviness. Jupiter is where we look to for wisdom and guidance. The Vedic tradition calls Jupiter “Guru” which on the surface means teacher, because when we dig into the meaning we find (inter alia) “heavy” – as in substantial – and the remover of darkness, the one who enlightens.

Jupiter has just moved alongside Saturn into the Aquarian energy of society and innovation. Saturn will be insisting we make substantial, long-lasting change, and Jupiter is asking us to think bigger than our small little lives, and expand into new horizons for connection and mutual support. Later this spring, Jupiter will briefly move into its home sign of Pisces, where we can either take the all-encompassing, spiritual view of life, or sink deeper into our delusions and desires for pleasure and distraction. How that ends up looking for us depends largely on what we believe.

All the misfortune of men comes from a single thing, which is not knowing how to remain at rest, in a room.
~ Blaise Pascal

Typically, belief is where thinking ends. We dig into beliefs when we no longer want to examine life to the point of understanding through experience. We should at the very least understand why we believe what we believe, and distinguish them from lazy opinions and preferences.

Dogma gets stronger when people are afraid. The more afraid and vulnerable people feel, the more they claim to believe with certainty, and both fluidity of ideas and change of any kind feels threatening. This opens the door to asking other people to do our thinking for us.

Having an infinite mindset and a universal conscience – consciousness – uppermost in our attitude towards life events allows us to play the long game. We see at various times certain players leave the playing field as new players enter it, and yet the game keeps going on as the one constant.

Understanding that this is the nature of life, and that we are simply – briefly – participating in the game helps us enjoy it more, and to recognise that human desires are limitless and “it” will never get done, but we can die trying. This gives us an opportunity to enjoy our accomplishments and expand into new roles – sometimes playing offence, sometimes defence, periodically sidelined, and at other times, as coach – until the last breath.

We are wired for connection and compassion, two good keywords for a Cancer moon. Even if our lives have been relatively unaffected by the challenges around us, we are forever changed by observing the suffering, difficulties, and losses in other beings and lifeforms around the world. Pausing to recognise the suffering we carry in our hearts and cultivating compassion for others will be deeply healing. Let’s nourish ourselves with attention and compassionate awareness in order to be there for each other on the playing field.

I wish you a healthy, happy and abundant New Year!

Much love and light as always,

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