Conscious choice

The paradox of our lives is that our dysfunctional “reality” is maintained by the massive denial of our current reality. We are cheerfully consuming and destroying our own support system, a slow suicide, but not wanting to acknowledge this unbearable truth.

There’s a lot of news currently about potential vaccines stopping the pandemic. Many have been hoping for a vaccine to save us from this pandemic, when really we need to be saved from ourselves.

There is almost no talk among world leaders about how the pandemic started in the first place, or what we will do to change our suicidal behaviour. Massive deforestation around the world is largely due to over consumption of meat and dairy (over 45 percent of the Earth’s landmass is used for raising cattle) along with other forms of industrial agriculture, in the form of unsustainable monoculture that destroys habitats for millions of species around the world. This produces little of nutritional value, although a considerable amount of shareholder value.

Billions of chickens and pigs continue to live in unnatural and unhealthy conditions, leaving both them and us vulnerable to the viruses they carry (setting aside for now the fundamental issue of cruelty…).

You don’t even have to be a meat eater to get sick from overcrowded barns full of thousands of sentient beings – the waste they produce as well as the antibiotics they must consume to stay alive just long enough to be slaughtered seep into our water and pollute our earth and air.

As long as our food and economic choices keep piling animals on top of each other in unnatural ways, and pushing other species out of their homes everywhere else, we will not be safe from future pandemics. No vaccine will save us.

Among the global decision-makers, there is no talk of how people should be staying healthy and nurturing a strong immune system. There is no talk about environmental policy change or habitat protection to improve biodiversity and minimise the risk of inter-species contamination of viruses. Our healthcare systems are inadequate to provide health, although highly skilled at dealing with acute symptoms of illnesses mostly caused by our own behaviour.

If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that we’ve learnt nothing.

We are officially in the sixth mass extinction, this one caused by human choices and behaviour, and we’re doing nothing about it despite nine months of restrictions and ample time to repent. We will continue to consume and strive for profit margins and ignore the reality of the ongoing decay of everything that sustains life on this planet.

There is official excitement about a vaccine because it will put us all back to work for the corporate powers that are slowly killing us. There is excitement among everyday, well-meaning people, because it’s easier to stay in denial of the truth, and because hoping somehow feels like taking action, while ignoring the corporate knee on our neck and the choke-hold of greed that has us unable to breathe, all the while waiting to be saved by those same corporations.

Indeed, we might have a suitable new vaccine, adding to our toxic load not just with each dose, but through the entire resource-heavy, polluting process of researching, manufacturing, packaging, refrigerating, transporting and administering an imperfect preventive measure that cannot save us from ourselves.

Living with the most uncomplicated and fundamental approaches to life will serve us well at this time. We have a tendency to want to complicate our lives by striving and grasping for more-bigger-better at all costs. This is no longer the time for that thinking (if indeed there ever was a time for that), as we will have to drag all of that baggage with us through the changing circumstances that are rapidly swirling around us like white water. No matter how much we may want something to be a particular way, there are many times in life that we have to accept that they simply cannot be.

Complexity leads to stress and anxiety; simplicity leads to clarity and calm.

Alas, it’s time to abandon some of the old values and goals you might have held onto until now. Those that remain will need a realignment with our fast-changing circumstances. Some ideas will emerge as more viable for now, yet still might be unclear because we are fully immersed in a period of transition from an old world and an old life to the new one that is still emerging.

After two months of pent up energy and frustration, Mars is slowly turning direct today (Friday, November 13th). This is often associated with heightened tensions, so not a good time to engage in polarizing debates, but a good time to take a stand if something needs corrective action (see above!). Things can take on a lot more emotional significance these days than they would otherwise, which is unfortunate, as it is also World Kindness Day today!

This week has seen the peak of the Jupiter Pluto conjunction that has been active all year long. As Jupiter now starts to move away from Pluto, we might expect a feeling of restored faith or renewed hope. Jupiter moving into Aquarius along with Saturn in mid December will change the general tone (we will look at that next month). Jupiter and Pluto last met in Sagittarius in December 2007. Since that time, we have engaged in a 13 year cycle that has been on a personal and collective level about power, resources, and restrictions.

As Mercury opposes Uranus next week, there will be potential for surprising ideas, new insights or innovations, and secrets revealed – or perhaps just selfishness, impulsivity and impatience. It depends where people are on the spectrum of awareness.

The new moon will be in a favourable aspect to Jupiter and Pluto and shortly thereafter, Saturn as well. This to me symbolises tradition and authority taking the upper hand over a progressive ideals. As Venus tensely aspects the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the same time, there may be stress in relationships or with finances, collectively and individually.

Neptune is adding its aspect to this new role, which might allow us to see things from a higher perspective if we are attuned to our spiritual selves and the greater good, or instead to be completely deluded if we are focused on the material plane. Neptune squaring the lunar nodes is a warning that we should not believe what we are being told about nearly anything at this point. Assume for now that information will be either deliberately or accidentally obfuscating and distorted. And wait at least until after mid-December to assess what is really happening, although we may not be clear about things until mid-January. Patience and integrity are required.

This is especially so in the days following Sunday’s new moon. Neptune represents what we believe, and this depends on the degree to which a belief will be held firmly – even if it is delusional – right now. Because of the situation of Mars, there is a tendency now to act on what we believe, whatever that might be. This can feel like a time of empowerment to some, and can embolden actions for good or bad, along with conspiracy theories and radical ideas, especially as Mercury (representing our thinking and communication) opposes Uranus, the energy of revolution, innovation and surprise on and around the 17th. By the 23rd of November we will have a better indication of whether these actions were helpful or accurate.

2020 is wrapping up with some big energy shifts that will generate new cycles. But since the massive revolutionary energies that we have been living through since 2011 we are not used for the greater good, we will have to deal with the consequences of choosing greed and personal comfort over our home and community.

It is important that we continue to hope and believe that things can be better. However, it is more important still that we recognise that this cannot be applied to a reflection of our outer world. Things will have to change. Our material circumstances will be affected especially strongly in the next 2 to 5 years and, to overcome the disruption, we must be willing to recognise that this has never been a “reality” we could rely upon, rather it is temporary and fleeting. It is only ever so.

Many of the people I see in my daily work get stuck in life because they have a sense that life is doing something to them that they are somehow not participating in. Once we wake up to the importance of our role in what happens in our lives and in the perceptible world, we will immediately see the importance of aligning our actions with our values and ideals.

At this time of Diwali celebrations, I wish you all the clarity of awakened understanding and universal love.

And, as Nelson Mandela wished, may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

Much love and light,

P.S. Today is also World Ayurveda Day! If you want to support Karuna-Sechen’s projects in South Asia you can still donate here and I will send you the recording of the Ayurveda webinar as my gift of thanks.