Āyurveda for health and happiness

Now more than ever we need to know how to take care of our health and do our best to stay well in the face of multiplying health challenges.

On Sunday November 8th I will be offering an online workshop where I’m delighted to share with you my long-time passion and personal saving grace, Āyurveda!

Not only will you have a chance to learn simple but profound ways to maintain or improve your health, but you can also ask me specific questions which normally would be done only in private consultations with me.

And the best part – all proceeds are going to one of my favourite charities, Karuna Sechen, which for two decades has been supporting communities in India, Nepal and Tibet through health and education projects.

Enjoy an in-depth look at how you can improve your health with simple adjustments that don’t cost anything.

Tips to avoid overeating during confinement or lockdown, or even winter for that matter!

Learn why counting calories is unnecessary and even counter-productive!

Easy recipes including one for healthy treats which include all 6 tastes so you satisfy the urge for sweet, salty, and fatty food and don’t crave more than you need!