What to say…

Humans are odd beings. We all know that one day we will die, yet we all live by the assumption that it will certainly not be today!

We can never know our time of death until it arrives, and we never know what will be the last thing we say to another before their death. October always has me reflecting on my own experience of nearly dying 19 years ago, potentially leaving behind two babies who might never have known me.

That experience taught me to do my best never to leave another person without speaking kindly or saying what needs to be said.

Apologise quickly, resolve conflicts as soon as you can, and leave others feeling good about themselves.

Many people these days are not able to see their loved ones before they die. This is our modern tragedy, at least for those of us who have been fortunate enough to live in relative peace – the rest of the world knows this pain all too well.

We live in a culture which emphasizes our physical, three dimensional experiences, but it can help to remember that all relationship is energetic. We can continue to experience others even when they are not present, because our experience of them was only ever coming from perceptions and sensations within us.

Many years ago, I made a video about grieving and loss. Apologies for the terrible sound quality, and the green hair extensions. The technical hassles were one of the reasons I gave up making videos. Nonetheless, the message feels relevant again now, as news of death is everywhere, and the day of the dead (All Saints Day) is upon us.

I wish you all much good health and loving relationships, near and far.

With love and light,

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