Contrast and connection

Contrast and connection

We don’t live in a peaceful world, not because this is impossible, but because we are not at peace in our minds. Peace stems from true inner silence, which is is the result of training the mind away from its mad theories and assumptions, and towards this moment, where change and connection with life are (instantly and eternally) possible.

Understand your emotions, and clear that up. Know who you truly are. Realise that what we think is the result of our perceptions and can never be 100 percent true.


This is fundamental to understanding the mind. You can’t be made to feel a certain way by outside forces. You make that choice based on how you perceive yourself.

How you respond to life situations depends on how you understand the nature of your being. You decide what is acceptable or not based on a deep understanding of your situation, including the understanding of the other person or people involved. There can be no inner silence – no peace – as long as there is a belief that others are the cause of your suffering or happiness.

We will always feel emotions as long as we are alive. In training the mind we certainly aren’t aiming to no longer feel emotions. The point is to avoid dwelling on them, and feeding them with stories (perceptions).

When we see someone suffering we can also feel their suffering. Those who don’t have lost touch with their emotions by suppressing them with endless activities, distractions, bottles of wine… anything not to feel what is there.

Yet those who feel too much or can’t let go of intense feelings are also out of touch with their emotions; they avoid looking at and healing their own emotions by projecting them onto other people and situations instead, creating more disruption around them.

When we understand and have healed our own suffering we can sit with others in their suffering without being overwhelmed. This leads us to constructive, generous actions – what the Buddha called “Right Action”.

We are alive in challenging, “historic” times. I can’t think of a more important teaching to offer you at this moment. Take advantage of this strange time to practice being comfortable with yourself, on your own. Enjoy connecting with the seasonal rhythm of slowing down and letting go.

As the age-old wisdom teaches us, find peace in yourself if you want peace in the home. Cultivate peace in the home to have peace in the community. When there is peace in the community, we can have peace in the world. Don’t look for what is wrong on the outside. Make your peace with life from the inside.

Much love and light to all of you at this beautiful Full Moon!

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