How are you?

How are you?

My life is pretty tranquil, by choice. The Dharma name given to me in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh many years ago is “Path of Grace of the Heart”. Like all spiritual names, it is meant to help guide the bearer throughout their journey. Yet, when I see the chaos and suffering around me in individual lives and in our collective experience, I vacillate between wanting to retreat into the calm of my personal heart-cave, and feeling compelled to reach out and help. Often, I want to help but don’t know how best to do that. This is where I want to hear your thoughts. Let me explain.

I have postponed my Align with Purpose Course three times in the past two months, at first because I didn’t have the time or energy to properly invest in it due to other commitments, and then because so many people were taking the opportunity to go on vacation, leaving the stress of our recent confinement and uncertainty even if only temporarily, that it felt like it would be the wrong time.

Now, I aim to start the course at the end of August, when people typically have more focus and drive for such a life-changing project. I can’t think of a more urgent task than to understand our true nature and focus on a purposeful life, which is what we do methodically over three months together. The more we are grounded in self-understanding, the more we can withstand change and chaos with grace and intelligence.

Whether we align with them or not, life cycles influence our overall health. Slowing down and living with a conscious awareness of the many interconnected cycles (biorhythmic/hormonal, solar, lunar, seasonal, cosmic…) influencing us is the fastest way to find personal balance day to day. There is no ultimate balance; it is always in a state of flux requiring our attention and action. So always remember that whatever is happening in this moment or period of your life is not fixed. It will continuously evolve according to the direction of your attention and action.

Anything which is troubling you, anything which is irritating you, that is your teacher.

~ Ajan Cha

I’ve been seeing a wide range of people over the past few months. Some are cruising through their lives and finding rich new avenues to explore thanks to our great global pause, and others are barely holding on day by day. This polarity has always shown up in my consultations, but it has become more extreme since March.

I appear to offer a wide variety of solutions coming from different angles, like yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, or astrology, but ultimately, they all take us to the same point of balance – or sattva – which is where we thrive. Only the entry points are different. Most of my work is a result of personal referrals, and of course many of you return regularly for individual or group sessions. This warms my heart, and shows me I’m on the right path.

I mention all of this mainly for context, because what I would really like to know is: How can I help you better? What is your biggest concern or challenge right now? What would you want to improve in your life? Understanding this will help me prepare a more relevant offering of courses and individual sessions, as well as updating the Align with Purpose Course to respond to what people are experiencing now.

Even if you have no plans to book a session or follow the next Align with Purpose or Mindful Living Course, I would be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to let me know how you are feeling, what you have found most helpful to feel better these days, and what genuine support would look and feel like to you now. Please contact me here to share your thoughts.

And if you’re around and want to connect online, please join me for our next Full Moon Meditation on Monday, August 3rd from 19:30. If you can’t attend but want to know more about the turbulent month of August, you can get the recording here.

Wishing you a graceful path wherever you are headed!

Much love and light,

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