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The ones we’ve been waiting for…

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

~ Socrates

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Exciting times, right?! Strap in, because it’s far from over!

The energy of eclipses can be felt weeks before they occur and continues to be felt long afterwards, with a noticeable effect especially around the 90-day mark and at the 6-month mark. This year that coincides with all the Equinox and the Solstice points, so pay attention to these periods throughout 2020 both in your personal experience and globally.

This Annular Solar Eclipse falls with the Sun and the Moon both at 0° of Tropical Cancer. This significant eclipse is at the exact degree of the Solstice, which in the Tropical Zodiac happens at 0° of Cancer where the Sun reaches its northernmost point. These events are only hours apart, which adds to the message of noticeable transformation, and strongly affects the Cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries, all of which are being challenged to make big changes in the next few months. Like the past few years weren’t enough!

This is in fact the first of two new moons in the sign of Cancer this year, which is quite rare. For those with planets or important points in Cancer, it’s like having two opportunities to restart yourself as you go through the summer and beyond – once at the solar eclipse and the other at the “blue moon” of July 21st.

0° of any Cardinal points denotes a major change, and that alone points to this being a world-changing eclipse. Not only is this the last eclipse in the sign of Cancer for 18 or 19 years, but the last time we experienced an eclipse at 0° of Cancer was in June 2001, less than 90 days before 9/11. No other such eclipse has occurred in the previous hundred years.

Reflect on who you were in the 18-month period from late 2001 to early 2003. What did you learn then? Consider how the last 18 months have changed you: How can you apply new knowledge now to support your personal and spiritual growth? We are all being challenged to break the emotional and habitual ties to our past. This is the tipping point between ‘before’ and ‘after.’

Zero degrees of Cancer is where Mars, planet of conflict and war, is placed in India’s and Pakistan’s 1947 Independence charts. This eclipse also strongly impacts Donald Trump (who was born on an eclipse as many significant people are – for better or worse!) and Boris Johnson, both of whom have Gemini Suns (and who tragically illustrate the worst qualities of Gemini – duplicity and a lack of substance and gravitas, inter alia). Much of central Africa and Asia will be in the path of the eclipse – traditionally a sign that there would be some direct effects in those lands – including Yemen, Ethiopia, South Sudan, as well as Pakistan, Northern India (including Delhi) Nepal, Bhutan, Southern China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Cities also have birth charts according to the time the city was officially established.  Minneapolis, Minnesota, where George Floyd’s murder by police triggered massive protests around the world, has a 0° Cancer Ascendant. This then strikes directly at the image of the city itself, and we have recently seen how that incident led to major transformations of its police force and community services.

Historically, major European wars (plus the Bolshevik Revolution) began where Eclipses affected the country’s or leader’s chart or were visible overhead, not to mention plagues. This is not to say that war is inevitable, but that the conflict (or possibly a natural disaster) is likely to involve any of the above parties, as this week’s news has already indicated.

While the sun and moon are in Cancer, the North Node of the Moon – Rahu, the eclipse point – has just moved into Gemini, where it will be transiting until January 2022. Staying open minded and curious, asking questions without presuming there is only one answer, and assuming that much of what one hears (especially from media and governments) is utter nonsense is the safest and wisest way forward for the next year and a half.

All of nature becomes quiet at eclipse times; listen inwardly and outwardly to the fullness of silence, wherever you are. Eclipses are about going into the darkness with faith and emerging transformed by the experience. If you can, sit quietly and meditate on that impulse to transform and just allow any questions to arise without struggling to find answers at this time.

The eclipse will be occurring between 06:45 and 10:32, peaking at around 08:40 on Sunday June 21st (European time). It won’t be visible in Northern or Western Europe, but parts of South and South-Eastern Europe will see a partial eclipse.

In the New Moon Solar Eclipse chart, Venus is retrograde in Gemini – the same sign as the North Node – so we’re looking back over our values and desires, and perhaps also any relationships that need some sort of adjustment.

Venus retrograde (since May 13th) has been showing us another way to relate to each other through Black Lives Matter, and through the LGBTQ decision of the US Supreme Court allowing all people to have equal rights under American federal employment law. Venus retrograde allows us to review our notion of who sits in front of us and how we want to relate to them both as a society and as individuals

Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer, so we benefit from an exploration of our emotions at this time, and how we feel connected to the notion of home. Let’s not forget that our first and most important home is planet Earth! If you’re at a loss to find purpose and meaning right now, start by taking good care of our home wherever you are.

It’s not a good idea to make major decisions or launch anything important at the time of an eclipse, and especially now because Venus and Mercury (as well as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) are also retrograde. Venus will go direct on the 25th of June and Mercury will go direct on the 12th of July. Emotions will continue to run high at this time; perhaps you’ve already noticed that (!). Explore feelings of anxiety or anger to understand them rather than project them, and be compassionate with yourself and with the circumstances we are currently living in.

We can ask ourselves: what options and possibilities arise when I acknowledge that I really don’t know what will happen next?

Mars is squaring the lunar nodes in a tense aspect that can be quite volatile. Fortunately, the planet of war is still in Pisces, meaning that our actions can be spiritually or universally motivated (or delusional) rather than aggressive and impulsive, as they are more likely to become when Mars moves into Aries next week.

It helps to remember that Aries also represents the beginning of the zodiac and symbolises the start of the life cycle. This is the energy of innocence and the unknown, so we can tap into this and channel that energy constructively into curiosity and exploration of new ways of acting to uphold the type of society we want to see.

From the 22nd of June until the beginning of July, Jupiter and Pluto meet again in the sign of Capricorn. The last time they were conjunct was in the period from the end of March to the beginning of April, when COVID-19 became a major global crisis. So we can expect to see some echoes of that until the end of the month and again in mid-November when they meet for the last time for the next 13 years.

Mars also aspects Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn between the 20th and the 28th of June so providing an opportunity for expansive, explosive, dynamic action both individually and around the world. Unconscious processes unexplored emotions can be triggered right now so it’s a crucial time to go within and understand your motivations. On a global level this is about breaking down power and the structures of business and government; on a personal level breaking down the structures that provides a framework for your day-to-day life whether they be physical in terms of home or workplace or emotional in terms of relationships and partnerships.

At the next full moon meditation on July 5, I’ll spend more time looking at Mars and it’s explosive effects over the next 6 1/2 months. Mars moves into Aries, the sign of its greatest strength, at the end of June, where it stays until the beginning of January adding to an already volatile situation.

So, as we clearly see, eclipses are about transformation. Change is hard, but events can occur which seem to block people from achieving their goals, but which often later turn out to be beneficial or necessary in some way.

Life itself is about transformation. It’s about really living each moment and how each moment unfolds into something new without clinging or wanting situations or people to remain as they were. Nostalgia is psychologically dangerous because it keeps us stuck in feelings of regret and makes us unable to accept change.

Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends on what we look for. What we look for depends on what we think. What we think depends on what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.

~ David Bohm (December 20, 1917 – October 27, 1992)

So much of life is out of our control. Most Westerners (especially) don’t like the idea of fated events. But another way to look at fate is the unavoidable result of an immeasurable number of prior choices and their consequences, which is a way of describing Karma.

We like to think our thoughts are our own, that they are rational and well considered, but this is almost never the case. What we think and believe is so highly conditioned it would be impossible to know exactly how we have arrived at any given conclusion. We can’t separate our personal experience from that of the collective.

Significant changes usually come from times of crisis. We have an opportunity now for a change on a personal and collective level that is rare outside of wartime. The economy and health crisis will no doubt worsen before they get better, so we must prepare to live differently and do whatever we can to help others, for everyone’s sake.

What little free will we have can be seen in the small everyday choices we make. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is suggesting we question our thoughts and hold our beliefs very lightly, if indeed we decide to continue holding them at all. Re-thinking long-distance travel, for example, and its impact on communities and the climate, might give us the chance to develop and strengthen local bonds and environments.

Eclipses on the North Node of the Moon bring something new and expand us in new directions. Beware of over sentimentality, which is the shadow side of Mercury in Cancer; it holds us back from experiencing something new that we cannot yet possibly imagine.

With much love and light as always,

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* The line “We are the ones we have been waiting for” is from a June Jordan’s “Poem for South African Women,” which she presented at the United Nations on August 9, 1978 in “commemoration of the 40,000 women and children who protested against the apartheid ‘dompass’ in 1956.