Changing Nodes, Changing Times

Changing Nodes, Changing Times

Here is how the Nodes moving into the Gemini-Sagittarius axis can affect you until spring 2022 (Please look first at your natal Ascendant/Rising sign, as it will have more obvious impact in your life, then look to your natal Sun):

For Gemini Ascendant and Sun: this is a significant period where you will be focusing on yourself and your needs. It’s an opportunity to revise who you feel yourself to be over the next 20 months. You will have a sense of a new direction or a new purpose in your life that emerges over this period but which you probably have already been feeling deep within recently. You might also feel like changing your appearance, your environment or something about the way you present yourself. In the opposite sector, Sagittarius, your relationships will be taking on new forms, and some relationships will disappear or transform significantly. The way you feel around relationships and partnerships in general, including business partners and your related goals will change significantly. Embrace who you want to become and don’t dwell on the person you no longer are. You might ask yourself “what is it like to be sitting across from me?” Take stock of your intent versus your impact on both yourself and those around you. You’re on a rapidly-changing path with an increased focus on your own needs and what you want going forward in your life. Significant people can appear in your life now and lead to some unexpected partnerships and changes that feel serendipitous, lucky, or at the very least, helpful. Big changes in relationships including a falling away of old relationships will bring you closer to who you are in your life right now. Don’t hold on to anything too tightly in this period. Focus on yourself and your personal development in so you can become more secure in who you are as you move towards a new, expanded role for yourself in life that might reflect a similar period of change from late 2001 to early 2003.

For Cancer Ascendant and Sun: the nodes moved in to the 12th and 6th houses, with the North Node emphasizing a shift towards introspection, learning, spiritual practice, more connections with people in faraway places or teachings from the past, connections to ancestors and an exploration of your inner life overall. Cancer might be “forced” to spend time alone or in confinement, or work with those who are – which most cancers are quite happy with! It could be about some spiritual practice that allows you to go deeper into enquiry, or health issues might need attention or become a focus of work; places like retreats, monasteries, clinics, hospitals and prisons are traditionally signified by the 12th house. This doesn’t mean you personally – it can also mean you have work to do in those areas and you bring support to people who find themselves there. This is also the house of long distance journeys and people far away and all of those aspects may overlap in one way or another. What is changing or potentially being lost is everyday habits and patterns, centred on your health and job focus. This is likely to affect the work you do – your day-to-day job will be changing over the next year and a half and something that you have been doing now perhaps for the past 18 or 19 years is going to be falling away or changing significantly. Welcome this change and bring something new into that space which will bring you much more fulfilment; this is an important part of your everyday life and Cancer ascendants in particular need to find personal fulfilment in the work they do, or else they will have trouble doing it well or finding the much-needed enthusiasm. Take as much time as you possibly can to turn inwards now. We have the chance of a lifetime to dive deep and reflect on life in an unprecedented way.

For Leo Ascendant and Sun: Finding a new crowd or a new association through politics and non-government or charity work or your socialising will help you grow in new ways, making you somewhat less self-focused and more involved in groups and social or collective activities and related issues of importance. The 11th house is the place of our hopes and wishes, goals and dreams. It’s also a place where we receive some income or benefit from the things we do in life, especially around career. It could be that you’re finding it’s time to re-orient your ambitions or aspirations, as well as perhaps benefiting from doing so in a way that not only brings new people into your circle but also new forms of income, accolades or rewards.

For Virgo Ascendant and Sun: You will find a strong emphasis in the 10th house of career and status, where you will see new and exciting challenges and changes in the public areas of your life. A move to a new residence (or country, depending on your chart) is also possible, alongside changing jobs, studies, or career orientation. If you are looking for a new home it will be a place that feels much more up to date with your needs as you sense them in this period. You’re leaving behind an old way of living, or perhaps housemates or family members who themselves are going to be taking on new roles in their lives. This outer expression of your life will be quite different and stimulating to what you have been doing lately, and you will likely find some sort of similarity with this energy if you go back 18 or 19 years ago for those old enough to do so. If you’re too young to do so, you might find that your parents were in a situation of significant change between late 2001 and early 2003.

For Libra Ascendant and Sun: A fresh outlook that has you changing beliefs or your life philosophy will influence how you go forward in life over the next year and a half or more. New chances to share your own knowledge or to learn from other sources of higher knowledge, traditional teachings or philosophies will enhance your outer life and possibly change the direction of your career or life path. You might meet a significant teacher or religious leader who alters the course of your life. You might decide to take a new (university) degree, learn more spiritual or other philosophical teachings, or go on a long journey for a higher purpose, like for a pilgrimage or to do business abroad. You might find there is less connection now to your local community, or maybe even a sense of loss or letting go in the lives of your neighbours or siblings, for example in their employment or general financial security. If you’ve been pondering writing a book, this is a great time to do so, and if the book is ready then definitely aim to publish it by early 2022.

Scorpio Rising and Sun: You will notice a change in the area of shared resources and contractual agreements (including marriage). Profound life experiences, including death or other significant losses can lead to some kind of transformation. Beware of taking on any new debt; you might however inherit some money and there might be some increased awareness of your own mortality through a deepening of your understanding of life or through an actual event that touches your life profoundly in some way. It’s a good time to focus on long-term planning around finances and new ways to earn money, and your partner (if there is one) might also find new sources of income or be an additional source of resources in the next year and a half or so. As you instinctively delve deeper into your psyche, you might also discover an increase to intuition and sensitivity to your own emotional and psychological states and those of others around you. This would be a good period to undergo therapy or psychologial healing of some sort, as you would be very likely to benefit from the transformation it provides. This week is significant because not only do the lunar Nodes change signs but it is the same week in which the moon is full along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which highlights some accomplishment or culmination of something you may have begun about six months ago, back in October or November 2019.

Sagittarius Rising and Sun: Changing relationships and new partnerships will be a source of renewal for you; new ways of being in relationship will show you how you have changed over the years; now is the time to update all relationships and partnerships in your life so that they align better with what you want from life and who you feel yourself to be. Relationships should not be an obstacle to you expressing yourself or your life goals so don’t regret any relationships that are dropping away or require significant adjustments in terms of your time and attention at this time. Drop as much personal baggage as possible to free yourself up to be more present for others. Ask your Capricorn friends what changed for them over the past nodal cycle since November 2018 (see below), or rather ask: what didn’t change in their lives?! You will probably find that the changes to come are significant in nearly every domain of life.

Capricorn Ascendant and Sun: After going through a year and a half of intense change to work, home, career, and self, you might feel like you have been fully upgraded and are now more or less up-to-date. There’s now a need for a good look at your health and daily habits, finding practical ways to support your health and establish day-to-day routines that will be affirming and sustainable in the long run. You’re likely to be quite busy, but this is something Capricorns tend to like. On the other hand, there will be a sense of wanting to pull back from certain activities to allow for more time to reflect and respond in a healthier way than you might have done in the past. If you’ve been mulling over getting a new pet, this would be a good time to do so.

Aquarius Ascendant and Sun: The North Node in the 5th house will entail lots of change around your children’s lives and/or in your relationships with children. This period could also emphasise new modes of creative self expression, or even new romantic expressions with someone you might meet online or through a leisure activity. As new friends and/or lovers come into your life, some groups that you previously spent a lot of time with will become less important to you now. Focus on new ways of expressing yourself through the web, or establishing an online teaching platform for sharing your ideas and creativity.

Pisces Ascendant or Sun: A change of job or home – or both – is likely on the horizon in the next 20 months. Home changes are to be expected at the least, meaning that you might find new housemates or a new mode of living; this might include children either leaving the home or moving back in. Your spiritual life remains important and you probably will feel that this is the year of retreating somewhat from the busyness of life. Your parents or family history could become a point of focus, as well as both your physical and psychological home, which are in for a transformation.

Aries Rising and Sun: You are emerging now from a year and a half of focusing on your home and family and all the changes that have happened in those domains. This might have included something to do with your parents or children who may have moved out or moved back home. Now your focus is on new skills, developing practical talents and learning opportunities – which may also lead to teaching opportunities – that connect you with your local community. The North Node is in your third house of communications, siblings, life skills, practical learning, communities and local businesses. Your usual tendency to go it alone is going to be challenged to see a new perspective, learn ways to cooperate with your local community and develop and nurture relationships in a way that doesn’t overwhelm others. This could look like sharing or learning skills via a blog or online courses that will add to your skill set either way. Local business can also be highlighted now, if you are the enterprising type you could expect good support for a project or business that serves people on a grassroots level. These changes allow you to be more active in your local community, perhaps as a community leader establishing a sharing or exchange programme, or a new communal garden.

Taurus Ascendant and Sun: money and resources are always a big issue for you but this year and a half will be especially focused on those areas. Be sure to consolidate any debt and avoid generating new ones. Your perSunal sense of value and self-worth might also expand and this will be from having learnt new skills or expanded your role in community over the last year and a half. You might find that issues of food and diet or your general physical health are emphasised in the coming months. You now have the opportunity to improve your diet, or take the time to learn or develop your cooking skills, or plant or tend to a garden. Being in touch with the earth in this way will bring you a much sought after sense of security.

For more ideas, do join me for the full moon meditation on 7 May 2020 from 19:30 until 9 pm – click here for details.

We will look at these significant times of change that we are in the midst of and compare them to historical periods in which there is a distinct before and after everything seemed to have changed in the space of 3 or 4 years. We must find new ways of adapting to our experience without relying on old ideas, and we can explore this together this evening.

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