Fear is the Pandemic. Stay Immune!

Every full moon reflects the culmination point of what was inspired, planted, or instigated at the new moon two weeks earlier. The Pisces new moon of the 23rd of February symbolises living in harmony and unity for the greater benefit of all beings. How can we live inclusively with the higher good of everyone in mind. Monday evening’s full moon in Virgo showed us where we are with regards to that intention.

Neptune is currently conjunct the Sun in Pisces as it opposes the Moon in Virgo (thereby creating a Full Moon), symbolising confusion and lack of clarity. Neptune also represents contagious or water-born disease, delusion and escapism. It’s a good time now to examine any fears, and talk to those in your close circle to explore hidden or taboo fears that might lead to acting out aggressively or making less than ideal choices. Whatever is not examined within us is projected onto others.

The ruler of yesterday’s full moon in Virgo is Mercury, which just yesterday stationed direct changing apparent motion in the sky (at 19° Aquarius). Virgo symbolises service, healing, and self-awareness regarding our life purpose. Let yourself be moved to sense how you can act on those qualities for the benefit of all at this time.

This whole scenario we are encountering now, whether it be about a pandemic or financial collapse, is connected to First Chakra issues. Muladhara, the ‘root’ chakra, is ruled by Saturn and Mars, the two malefic planets that can cause disruption, aggression, and lead to restriction and division. The first chakra is also associated with our immune system in the broadest sense of that term – meaning our personal physical self, as well as the health of our larger community. It’s about our survival and self-preservation, and whenever these are threatened we immediately feel it physically in the root of our body – our genitalia or organs of elimination.

Our overarching goal is security, and the way towards that – the lesson we need to learn now – is how to support others and embrace them, avoiding the divisive tribal mind that ignites whenever we feel fear. Each time we experience a crisis, our true relationship to our own mortality is exposed. We must learn to surrender to impermanence in all facets of life, practicing with less important things like a dent in a new car, or a scratch on a new table, and extending that acceptance to our relationships to others, our bodies and life as we know it.

Over the coming days, as Mercury picks up speed expect to see more clarity and better communication by next week. This full moon is also in a stimulating and favourable relationship with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, all of which are conjunct in Capricorn. This can bring us emotional insight and a sense of empowerment, enthusiasm, and passion if we work from our highest potential. Alternatively, it can lead to issues of power and control, divisiveness, and an expansion of fear.

The sign of Capricorn symbolises structures and how to build and rebuild the things that hold society together, like institutions, governments, and financial systems. The disempowered energy of the archetypal victim – lacking energy, confidence, and life force – and the more empowering archetype of the mother, which is nurturing, responsible and self-sufficient, are both also connected to the first chakra. Anxiety results from inaction, and there’s always something helpful that can be done in any situation: simply nurturing your family, community, an animal, a plant, or any other living thing will get you out of the little, self-absorbed box where anxiety erodes faith and optimism.

Love is greater than fear.

Illness is a part of life. Strengthening our immune system is the best response to any health threat. Laughing, smiling, hugging and embracing those we love – including pets – are simple practices that are all known to improve immunity.

While you’re washing your hands, instead of singing ‘Happy birthday’ twice as popularly recommended, you might like to repeat the Ho’oponopono Prayer: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. If you say it three times it adds up to the recommended 20 seconds of washing, and you’ll feel calmer afterwards. Or you might like to repeat the mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings in all realms find happiness). If you say it slowly twice, you’ll get your 20 seconds of hand washing, boost your mood, and send blessings all around you.

We are tribal beings, we all need to feel we belong. If the tribe excludes us we become weak and vulnerable. Do we want that for ourselves? Do we want that for others? Pointing fingers of blame weakens all of us. I work on deep, personal issues with students and clients from around the world, and I can say with certainty that we all share the same hopes, fears, desires, and insecurities. There is nothing different about us, and we mustn’t fear each other.

Our mental hygiene is as important as physical hygiene. For people who have experienced trauma in their past going through current stresses can be a source of dysregulation. This leads to erratic thinking and a difficulty doing basic tasks, or feelings of extreme anxiety even if they appear to be keeping things together on the surface. It’s very helpful to write about any fears, resentments and worries – however silly they might seem – and read them out loud to someone you trust, or to your pet, or just to yourself. Give them expression and acknowledgement.

Beware of black and white thinking, sometimes called ‘concrete thinking,’ which makes any problem worse because it increases anxiety and feelings of helplessness. Avoid using extremes to describe situations, events, or feelings, such as good or bad, great or awful, always and never, etc. This kind of thinking tends to make us avoid responsibility and, since it eliminates complex or nuanced thinking, we become more easily depressed, anxious, and angry. Although this is typically associated with adolescent thinking, for some people concrete thinking continues well into adulthood. Question your thoughts, and notice how you characterize and describe your experiences to yourself or others.

Are you sure?

At the moment, we don’t know enough about how the coronavirus will continue to circulate around the world, or how the current situation or even the stock market will affect the economy. What we do know for sure is that we are so fully interconnected – not just on the metaphysical level, but on the everyday level – we can’t hide from what goes on elsewhere, whether that involves wars, politics, pollution, human rights and other abuses, or health issues. Look for ways to act with compassion and kindness in even the most banal circumstances, starting with yourself.

With much love and light now and always,

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