Year of the Rat

And now, for something completely different…

A new moon in Pisces heralds a new phase emerging from the debris of these past months and years. This new moon phase is the beginning of the new year across Asia – Losar in the Tibetan tradition, Tet for the Vietnamese, and so on. It’s also the beginning of the zodiac cycle in the Asian tradition, so there is an added emphasis on fresh starts. The rat symbolises instinctive wisdom, something we are also encouraged to develop through the astrology of the moment.

A Pisces moon is always about an elevated way of looking at life, as Pisces represents merging with the source of life and dissolving boundaries and material constraints. It also represents a heightened intuition and creative impulse as well as healing energy which comes from deep understanding as opposed to anything physical or material. Pisces shares the symbolism of Christ and Shiva – sacrifice and letting go with faith in a higher purpose – and this is very much in the energy of the new moon we are in the midst of now.

Mars and Uranus (in harmonious aspect in the days surrounding February 21st) add unpredictable energy, enthusiasm and stimulus to the dreams and goals we might imagine around this time. However, until the full moon on March 9th its best to stay in the planning and revision stage, implementing your projects after March 10 when Mercury will be direct and the forward momentum is stronger.  

Last week was quite an eventful week astrologically speaking, with a number of relatively rare events occurring. For example, the expansive benefic energy of Jupiter is in a favourable aspect to the spiritual and compassionate energy of Neptune, so we can feel more inventiveness, inspiration, and optimism in the face of confusing, conflicting, and even violent circumstances. This quality will be present throughout much of this year – the exact sextile between these two planets was on the 20th of February, and this supportive aspect will occur two more times this year before finally separating by the end of the year.

The last time this happened was in late 2011 until January 2012, and prior to that throughout 2007. What gave you hope then to focus on what could help you succeed, regardless of the circumstances around you? We can keep reaching for our spiritual and moral high ground, values, and intuition while striving for harmony with our career, social status, and ambitions. We can benefit from being aware of the energy we contribute to the world around us.

We have emerged from a vast sequence of quantum events stretching back to the big bang, every one of which could have turned out differently, resulting in a universe in which we did not exist.

When you realise that, and when you realise too that life and mind are fleeting phenomena on the cosmic timeline, you realise that we should strive not in the service of leaving a lasting legacy, but rather because we have each been given an astoundingly unlikely, profoundly precious opportunity.

~ Professor Brian Greene
A zoomable image of the universe
Click on the image above to see how deep into the galaxy you can go. Can you see yourself?
You might want to do this every time your problems seem too big to manage!

What signals are we sending out? Fearing or wishing for things doesn’t change anything – we must intuit and sense what we want and act upon it. Imagination is not enough. Be in this moment, it’s the only time from which we can truly live, create, and connect with others. A hyper focus on fear or negativity can bring us to a place of confusion where there is none to start with. This doesn’t mean we should be Pollyanna about what is going on in the world, rather we should focus our mind and energy on our dharma or most significant duty just now, and let things unfold as we move step by step towards the future we want to see.

Remember that conscious transformation leads to growth and evolution. The changes happening in the world around us should give us even more drive to wake up and move forward through our lives, modeling the compassion, inclusion, and big-picture thinking that this Pisces season represents.

Much love and light,

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