WTF life? (bis)

Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for something else.

~ Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Master

As depicted above, Shiva, as the Lord of the Dance known as Nataraja, eternally dances the cycles of the universe. With no beginning and no end, we pass through the seeming chaos of creation, destruction, and resurrection in every mundane moment.

Following on from Friday’s lunar eclipse, Saturn and Pluto are perfecting their conjunction today, a long, slow dance that has been building up to for the past year. We’re in the crucible now, and unable to know or even imagine the results of our current life experiment for months to come. This is the end of a cycle begun in 1982, and the start of a new one.

On top of that, this eclipse cycle spans 18 years – what began 18 years ago that is currently culminating for you? What seeds are you planting now?

Whatever you think is happening in your life at this time is not likely to turn out as you expect, so the best way forward is to manage your expectations in either direction – don’t believe in the false sense of good or bad, regardless of appearances – and focus on what you need and want to do today.

Many will be experiencing pressure – internally or externally – to bear/manage/stay afloat in at least one area of life. Divisions and splitting up are just as likely as connections and new alliances, since this period of transformation is both the end of an old cycle and the beginning of another one. Conjunctions begin a new cycle while simultaneously ending the old one. So there can be some period of overlap between old and new, but don’t dwell too long in the overlapping bits.

If you are feeling psychologically squeezed at the moment, these planets are probably challenging one or more of your natal (personal) planets or important points of your chart. Stay real, or get real; it’s the inner work – your spiritual practice – that provides the foundation for your life. Focus on that while your lived experience changes on the “outside”.

Being human, we can expect some fears and resistance to change, creative tensions or release of tensions and a wearing down of whatever is blocking necessary changes. Results won’t be clear for a while although the relief from this shift in energy is already welcome. The next few months will show us how to manage what has changed or is still changing.

For many people, there may be fears around not getting what you want or have always longed for, or losing what you already have. Can you make peace with what life has brought you so far? Worrying is negative goal setting, as the saying goes. Set it aside and repeat the mantra: “Am I sure?”

Best reality check ever!

On the Cancer-Capricorn axis, our emotional life and important relationships are being tested, including and especially those pertaining to home and family. A crisis – personal or global, acute or ongoing – will force us to find a new way of relating to each other. Our deepest feelings and intuition are the Truth of any situation – life is too short for selfish pettiness.

For many people this shift can bring welcome clarity around positive events and supportive structures. For others, plumbing the depths of meaning or understanding the symbolism of renewal and transformation will be challenging. A crisis or breakdown can lead to dissolution but can also lead to an improved, transformed structure.

Humility is needed to allow whatever is requiring change to evolve as necessary, rather than imposing the changes we want to see. Often we don’t think something is beneficial for us unless there is a feeling of comfort and ease. But the most profound growth and long term benefits mostly come through discomfort and even pain.

This process can also require turning inward to heal the pain that continues to throb, although buried in our emotional and psychological centres. Is there a wounded younger self that still stings from the previous conjunction of 1982-3? Or from the challenging squares of 1992-3 and 2009-10? Or from the painful Saturn-Pluto opposition through 2001-02? What does your younger self need to feel reassured and secure? What about your current self?

These rare current cycles rhyme with even larger cycles spanning centuries, and going back to 1518, 1274 and so on into history. Inter alia, the US, UK, China, Argentina, and Venezuela – as well as Queen Elisabeth II – are all powerfully affected by these unavoidable tides of change in 2020. We can connect our personal situation – a speck in the big scheme of things – as a tiny but inseparable part of the greater transformation taking place.

So what is our part to be? Moral courage is one signature of Saturn and Pluto combining, although it is not necessarily aligned with the benefit of all beings. What does responsibility mean to you? What does that look like in your life? True responsibility is empowering, not draining. Whatever we are still dragging around after many years, through habit or guilt, we now feel empowered to drop and let go, and to start experimenting with something new.

This Energy ties in beautifully with the desire to downsize and simplify life, so take advantage of this gotta-change-something energy to do what you feel is necessary in your life to streamline and de-clutter your household, your routines, and even your relationships.

Jupiter – representing expansion, beliefs, leadership, teaching – will be visible above the horizon as of the middle of this week, adding to the strong emphasis on Capricorn for all of 2020. Along with Venus, which is already twinkling in the sky and will spend three weeks exalted in Pisces as of Tuesday, seeing benefic Jupiter in the night sky is traditionally considered a good omen for starting something new and significant. Plus, we have the extra boost of all planets moving in direct motion!

While Mercury, planet of commerce and communication, moves into socially-minded and forward-thinking Aquarius until February 4th, consider how you might want to expand your collaboration with groups and associations that support what you feel is important now.

The Sun is moving in to join the Pluto-Saturn conjunction (known as Cazimi or combustion) on Monday, intensifying an already intense conjunction. The Sun passing this point eventually allows us to see our situation better, if not with more clarity then at least from the sense of a pressure release.

Be patient with any frustration or confusion until more clarity emerges spontaneously in a couple of days. If it doesn’t, question whether you are truly letting something new emerge from the old stuff. The part of your life that has been calling for renewal has been showing itself for the past two years now. How much are you willing to allow it?

If you have some time on Monday, sit with what comes up most powerfully from within and listen to what your inner guidance tells you about how best to put your efforts into what you need to change now, and stepping in the direction of the next three decade-long cycle. No pressure. 😉

With abundant love and light in 2020 and always,

N.B. Please remember if you are coming to a personal appointment, my new address is 24B rue du Bourgmestre in Ixelles. Many of the boxes have cleared, and I’m starting to see more of the floor. I look forward to seeing you here or online again soon.