20/20 Vision – Eclipsing the old

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.

~T.S. Eliot

Jupiter is conjunct today’s new moon solar eclipse in Tropical Capricorn, hopefully adding some wisdom, positivity, and expansion to the changes arising (suddenly?!) at this time, and for the next six months.

We have a chance to restore some order from the chaos, as long as we keep the long view. The next six months shows the direction things will take in our personal and collective experience. It will depend on our concrete actions whether we establish something constructive and of lasting importance  – there is a big message of renewal and reconstruction for this holiday season!

By the time I write my next newsletter, Saturn and Pluto will be meeting in the sky – a rare event that happens roughly every 35 years – an indicator of significant change in the structures of our lives. We’ve been living with this tension throughout 2019 so we’re getting used to it, and now the final tension release is coming on 12 January, just after the cancer full moon lunar eclipse on the 10th. These are intense energies, made all the more so by the extreme rarity of Jupiter being so close by. I will write more about that in January, but here is a taste of what to watch for now.

The last time this conjunction occurred was in 1982-83, 1947-48, and 1914. Financial upheaval, and big changes in governance and alliances are themes to watch out for. People born in those years tend to have a strong sense of moral obligation, wanting to make a lasting impact on the world, and this period will no doubt be intense for them, especially as the world is so chaotic right now. They might be going through a test of personal integrity in 2019, which can culminate in the next few months.

Living with integrity is our life-saver in these times. Any foundation that is corrupt or unsound will collapse – we are seeing it already, as the cracks in ineffectual systems are showing up in social tension, resistance, and clinging desperately to power. As much as you can, stay resilient, forward-thinking and self-reliant; be flexible in your needs and skills and you will be able to respond to the changes creatively.

We must identify and correct any misperceptions and illusions – especially those we have been led to believe by people in authority – that we’ve been hanging on to this year (or longer!) in order to move forward with more clarity and integrity. If we don’t do a bit of excavation into our beliefs and habits we will just perpetuate more of the same in this new framework we are building. This of course applies personally and collectively.

The delusions of the past couple of years are lifting now, in some cases brutally, so we will no longer be able to rely on magical or wishful thinking and hope for the best. In our lives and in our collective experience, we need to step up and create what we want to see, and get clear how and by whom we have been deceived. Is there someone out there to blame? Maybe we were just deceiving ourselves all along… 

I wish you a wonderful season full of love and crystal clarity, and look forward to popping into your inbox with more updates in the New Year!

Much love and light,