What a fool believes…

Today’s new moon in Sagittarius is likely to trigger some sense of moving on from whatever started in the summer. Pull your proverbial socks up and start planning ahead for the next lunar cycle, which will be solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on December 26th, followed two weeks later by a lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.

While Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio (from 31 October until 20 November), we had the opportunity to review something that became important to us around the 7th of September. Something big that needs to be decided or acted upon can now be seen in the light of new understanding – we have renewed energy to deal with whatever is happening in the area Scorpio is found in our chart, and even more so because Mars entered Scorpio on the 19th, and will remain there until January.

This adds emphasis and drive to an important part of the bigger picture of our life and where most of our energy is focused right now. Mars in Scorpio brings an interest in discovering what is yet unknown, or hidden from us. It also stimulates an interest in the occult, sexual energy and healing, psychology and issues around death and transformation.

This starts to get very interesting because we will culminate this period around the 11th of January, which happens to be around the time of the eclipse happening on the 10th of January, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January, so whatever has been itching since September will come to a head or find some sort of resolution, or a surprising solution, in early- to mid-January.

To add to the buzz, next Monday, December 2nd, Jupiter will be changing signs*, leaving Sagittarius (the sign it rules, and where it has been since November 2018) for Capricorn, where it’s a little less comfortable. Pragmatic, “there’s-work-to-be-done” Capricorn doesn’t sit so well with the expansive and optimistic energy of Jupiter. Nonetheless, Jupiter’s constructive energy of support and wisdom will in some way mitigate the heavy energy of Saturn (restriction, limitation) and Pluto (radical transformation and power) which have both been in Capricorn for years (Saturn for two years and Pluto for eleven!).

Find out how this will be affecting you in the year ahead.

Good questions to ask yourself at this time are: What do I believe? How does this belief show up in my life? Is it constructive, or is it time to revise my faith/beliefs/notions about life? Who (or what) has authority over me? Does that work for me?

We can see around the world how anger can be used to effect change – or dig in and resist it (Pluto in Capricorn since 2008). It too often spills over into violence, yet it is a constructive motivational and forceful energy when channeled well. Jupiter provides the opportunity for wisdom and higher thinking to guide us though these rocky times, reflecting the need for new values and morality within a new system which will inevitably arise from the current destruction, which clearly needs uplifting and improving. Think back to the entire year of 2008 to get a sense of Jupiter tagged by Pluto in Capricorn – how was your life affected at that time?

So as of next week, we will see even more focus on structural and institutional changes affecting rulers and governments – as well as who is ruled and by whom. The tension and violence that has been building in countries seemingly worldwide is likely to worsen in early 2020, when the three major outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) meet the South Node of the Moon (a.k.a. Ketu – symbolising letting go, eliminating, reducing) in Capricorn for the first time in 500 years, joined by Mars from mid-February until the end of March.

Expect significant changes in social, religious, financial, and governing structures. The work we have done to let go of and be more flexible about what we thought the world and our personal lives should look like over the past 7-8 years will pay off if we can stay responsive and adaptable in the face of these big changes. 

Venus will be conjunct the Moon’s South Node at the same time next week – watch out for what comes up as it will foreshadow themes for the months ahead. This is a great time to cherish and acknowledge what we have, and what we have known and accomplished over all these years. Because it’s going to be very different going forward, and what we have now is worth remembering.

Coincidentally, this is happening around the time of American Thanksgiving, a period where people commonly reflect on gratitude – it’s very fitting with this particular energy.

With love and light,

* Jupiter will be in Capricorn from 2 December 2019 until 19 December 2020. It was last in Capricorn from 18 December 2007 to 5 January 2009.

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