Not your normal Sunday

What is that nagging void? The ongoing mild frustration that won’t shake off? Why is there no more joy in my job/marriage/life?

When we’re feeling unclear the mind becomes muddy and dark, like a pond in the rain. It will pass. It’s crucial not to feed the thoughts that cloud the mind. Depression and anxiety result from the repetition of the same unhelpful thoughts leading to heavy emotions. It’s like wading through the pond and wondering why the mud won’t settle.

When we learn to be still we also train our mind to be still. We can observe our emotions and choose whether we should respond to them or just let them fizzle out, as they are bound to do if we don’t keep prodding them.

The person who has found inner peace can no longer be intimidated, controlled, manipulated, or programmed. In this state, one is invulnerable to the threats of the world and therefore has mastered life. 

~ David R. Hawkins

Our mind is both the illness and the cure – the painful thorn and the thorn we can use to extract it. A healthy mind is clear and resilient. It is the source of joy and contentment.

Today is the South Asian festival of Diwali (known as Deepawali in South India), the festival of light that celebrates the victory of light over darkness, or knowledge over ignorance. Throughout the five-day celebration, people light ghee lamps (deepa, or diya) to symbolically acknowledge this.

The flame of a candle or oil lamp is a symbol of the divine light that is always available within, a.k.a. consciousness. When we don’t see that light any longer, it’s because we have turned away from it, or cloaked it in repetitive negative thoughts. We can light thousands of little lamps and set off all the fireworks we want, but unless we recognise and live from the brilliant light of our own consciousness we will struggle with darkness and confusion.

Understanding and mastering your own mind is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and those around you. There is nothing more important to your health and well being as a calm, clear and contented mind.

Join us for the next cycle of Mindful Living to tend to your inner light. We’re having a free introductory session next Sunday, November 3rd from 19:30 to 21:00 at The Yoga Loft, 14b rue Fernand Neuray (RSVP by clicking here) . Former Mindful Living students are most welcome to attend, and to re-join the course at any time, free of charge.

Tell your grouchy partner, or your grumpy colleague. You will both be happy you did!

Much love and divine light,