Changing ways

The world is feeling pretty crowded these days with the tensions and prickliness that seem to have become the default mode of relating to each other. (I know that some of you dear readers are a bit tetchy about the astrology stuff, so I won’t refer much to it here, but for the rest of you, bear in mind that what I am writing is in reference to what is going on astrologically as well. It will be our little secret!)

This season can be a bit unsettling, with the changing weather, daylight, and windy days upsetting our mental and physical balance.

Our recent shift towards rapidly shortening days at last month’s equinox marks a familiar turning point in the year. The New
Moon in Libra on September 28th also marked the start of the Indian festival of Maha Navratri – nine nights honouring the Goddesses Durga in her nine incarnations of Divine Feminine energy – as well as the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah… Both of these annual festivals are specifically about purifying negative tendencies and FORGIVING ourselves and others for perceived harms. How has that been working for you?

Today’s new moon marks another significant festival – Diwali, the festival of light – and is a good time to put past challenges behind you and begin a new chapter in life, especially wherever Scorpio and Capricorn are found in your natal chart. If you have your Sun or Ascendant in Scorpio, you will feel a distinct drive to renew yourself, and your relationship to life. We can all expect a new two-year cycle stimulating the Scorpio theme, as its ruler Mars appears above the horizon since last week and is visible in the early morning sky, considered a symbol of its “rebirth”.

Whatever energy is strong at the time of today’s New Moon will bear its fruits at the next Full Moon, November 12th, and more obviously at the Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th, 2020. Set your intentions along the theme of personal transformation and take time for yourself so you can sit in deep introspection, allowing surprising new takes on old dilemmas to spice things up.

Much love and light,