Getting our ducks in a row

The revolutionary cycle we’ve been living in for the past seven-plus years is affecting everyone. The more destabilised our outer world becomes, the more we need to work on cultivating our inner stability. Today’s New Moon – the second one of August! – offers us the opportunity to reflect on new ways of living in service to others beings. How can we organise our day in such a way as to take better care of ourselves, our environment, and those around us?

Having just moved house, while simultaneously preparing for my daughter to move to Paris and my son to move to Southampton, I am *keenly* aware of how my routine stabilises me physically and psychologically, largely because it has been absent for most of the past month! As I now establish a new routine, I’m very conscious of what I need to feel well, and have the chance to build a schedule on my own terms and as I need to for the first time in over 20 years.

As the Sun and Moon connect to form the new lunar cycle, there are currently five planets in Virgo – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. This intensely Virgo period is a time for cleaning up following Leo’s party, and preparing to reap the harvest of Libra’s abundance. An unbalanced Virgo energy is critical and self-centred, whereas Virgo at its best can efficiently provide healing, care, and support to those who need it.

Making our mundane, daily activities a form of spiritual service – serving Mother Nature and all her children, for example – is the highest use of Virgo’s devotional energy. At this New Moon we can examine the course we are currently on, and perhaps reorient and recalibrate towards something that will bring benefit to all sentient beings. We then get to enjoy the fullness of connection and nourishment we experience by making that offering from a place of service, in the spirit of Karma Yoga.

Our sense of duty – or even a sense of urgency about “doing something” – to support our collective home is being heightened right now. Tend to your own actions and habits, gardens, and loved ones as a spiritual offering, knowing that improving one life is improving all life.

With love and light as ever,

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