Eclipsing the old you

Eclipsing the old you

Tomorrow (Tuesday) brings us a Solar eclipse in Cancer (at 21:15 Brussels time). We are all clearing out and clarifying our relationship to our past, our work, our partners, our family, and to all the stuff we have accumulated along the way.

Eclipses where visible lead to an evident change in the tone and quality of light, and therefore energy. This dramatic shift spontaneously hushes birds and animals, and those still living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Eclipses are a turning point, and on the North Node (Rahu) indicate doors are opening, bringing us welcome and much-needed new beginnings.

The Cardinal energy of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra all stimulate change and are the energy of the start of each new season. The lunar symbolism of Cancer (the sign is ruled by the Moon) is about family, house and home, lineage, the past, ancestral karma, mother and nurturing, and personal care and nourishment.

We can use this time to foster a more intuitive and sensitive transformation to the way we care for ourselves, through health and eating habits, for example, but also through revising our boundaries where necessary. Often we say yes when we would rather say no, but sometimes we have to say no when we would really like to say yes! These days we can become more involved in family dynamics regarding either our children or parents – or both for those of us in the sandwich generation. 

There is a potential to overload ourselves or overdo things now and deplete our nervous system. Mercury and Mars are together in a challenging aspect to the nodes of the moon as well as Uranus, which can lead to inner and outer breakdowns to some degree. Beware of over reacting to others now. Measure your words and responses especially carefully this week. The Sun is visiting the Moon’s home sign of Cancer so sentimentality and emotion can be heightened and cloud our thinking.

The eclipse is also looking directly opposite the Saturn and South Node/Ketu conjunction, with the Sun and Moon – our consciousness, mind, and emotional nature – now having to deal with the wobbliness of what we once thought was stable and concede that we need to revise and adapt our lives, or at least our current plans. 

Some changes will come quickly, and even those we had hoped for might feel unnervingly sudden when they become apparent. Breathe deeply, smile at life, and stay flexible. What you hoped or planned for last November, set in motion through April, is showing up strongly now. 

The planets are speaking to us in so many ways!

Cardinal signs require action whenever triggered so this is not a time for sitting around waiting for something to happen to you, although many things can and will change around you. You’ll get the best out of this changing landscape by preparing to take action in the direction you want to head over the long term. There is no rush, however, as Mercury stations retrograde this week so we can reflect and revise as needed unless we have already laid the groundwork necessary to move ahead now.

This is especially the case for those who have planets or the Ascendant between 5° and 15° of Cancer (even more so around 10°) and to a lesser degree for Capricorn, Aries and Libra, and other signs by aspect to these degrees. If you’re one of them, in particular a Cancer Sun, Ascendant or Moon, expect substantial personal change in the four major areas of life concerning your self and even your appearance, your home and family, key partnerships, and career and social status.

Eclipses lead to accelerated personal growth, and a new life cycle; every period of eclipses (about twice a year) helps us identify what we no longer want or need in the starkest of terms. These cycles of change rhyme with each other roughly every 9 and 18 years. So as we progress, we can also look back to see how far we have travelled, and how wise and resilient we have become as a result, since late 2000-2001 and 2010-2011. Weren’t we all just so innocent back then?!

As Mars is moving into Leo today, we can take a good look at where we have been acting with integrity or not, and devise a way forward that is more in alignment with who we claim to be and what we say we want. A truly spiritual life has nothing to hide, least of all from ourselves.

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With much love and best wishes for your highest transformation in the weeks and months ahead!