A Meaningful Full Moon

The full moon in Sagittarius today (Monday 17 June around 10:30 in the morning) marks a sort of entry point into the upcoming eclipse cycle building up to a solar eclipse on July 2nd and a lunar eclipse on July 16th. What we’ve been planning, organising, or wrapping up since April has now become our new reality and the projects or way of living have taken hold in our imagination. Now our outer reality is going to start aligning with that inner vision.

Sagittarius is about knowing through experience, especially as a way of confirming one’s beliefs. We find meaning in that area of life where we have Sagittarius in our natal chart. We might not have expected our life to look like it does at present, but we need to accept where we are and keep growing from there, leaning on the meaning we devise for ourselves.

It’s pointless to look back; we have to do what’s necessary in order to create the life we want, and cleaning up the residue of the past is an unavoidable part of this. We can’t just walk away from a mess, or relationship, or whatever situation we find ourselves in (or want to leave), because whatever remains unresolved simply taints whatever comes next. And what is coming next is bound to be very different from what we know today, so clear the way for this novelty as best you can.

This full moon occurs around the same time Mars and Mercury meet up with the North Node (Rahu) in Cancer and oppose Saturn and the South Node (Ketu) in Capricorn. We’ve experienced a lot of frustrations, emotional reactivity, and upset in the past week while Mars and Saturn and Pluto have been in challenging angles with each other along the nodal axis (exact on Wednesday), which has been creating a push and pull in the area of our life wherever that is occurring in the chart.

Intense feelings that have built up over the past 10 days will be released one way or another. Long-lasting Saturn – Ketu conjunctions are very rare and are creating this intensity over several weeks; normally this would be a faster transit. On top of this, we don’t know the whole truth but might act on what we believe anyway, perhaps regretting it because of the impulsivity of Rahu- Mars. Mars doesn’t like being in Cancer, which is about emotions and security, mothering and nurturing, things that Mars doesn’t have much time for. We need to remember that we don’t have all the facts and stay humble enough to know that we don’t know! Knowing we are ignorant is great wisdom. 😉

Notice what is happening over the next few days, personally and collectively, as these things will re-emerge to be dealt with again in about 2 to 3 weeks time, then again by the end of July. Tensions can be high continuing from last week which was highly emotional and a lot of polarity and tension in the air. We are slowly moving away from that reactivity but the emotions might be lingering.

Enjoy the freedom of setting and restructuring what you feel you need to as a preparation for the shifts coming around the July eclipses. This is especially so if you have the Sun, ascendant, or moon in Cancer or Capricorn, but also for Aries and Libra, and to a lesser degree for Pisces and Sagittarius.

Jupiter is squaring Neptune today for the second time this year, making this an extension of the highly emotional week or so we’ve just experienced, and perhaps continuing some of the confusion or lack of clarity around what to do next. This applies to the world stage as much as in our own lives.

By Friday, Jupiter is squaring a stationing-retrograde Neptune so where we weren’t sure before, our B.S. detector will soon be tuning in more clearly and helping us better understand both what is going on and what we need to do about it. Action, however, is not necessarily possible or desirable until well into July. Enjoy a bit of a respite over the next couple of weeks, and practice loving self-care whenever possible. Taking a short step back from activity and allowing change to happen organically in this period is the best way to manage these days before experiencing the turning tables of the eclipses.

Today’s full moon gives us a much-needed optimistic and inspiring energy. With the summer solstice coming on Friday a new season begins and we can enjoy the light and energy of this solar high point. By recognising that our existence depends on the Sun we always have something to be grateful for, regardless of our beliefs or sense of spirituality. 

Join us for the Full Moon Meditation this evening at 19:30 until 21:00. There’s a lot to reflect upon!

If you enjoy Astrology and want to learn a bit more so you can follow the energies of the moment through your own chart, join me on Sunday, June 23rd to learn the basics and get a solid foundation in how to use Astrology. Contact me for more details and to register.

I wish you all a wonderful and sunny week and will be back next time with more information about the eclipses and how they affect you.

With love and bright light!