Better late than never!

Consciously or not, people around the world are looking to resolve the indignities and suffering imposed by European colonial powers 500 years ago. These conquests took on a powerful impetus around the last Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in 1518, just weeks after Martin Luther protesting the indulgences of a corrupt Catholic Church, and have affected the globe ever since.

Centuries ago, the Catholic Church decreed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, making it the centre of the universe with Man at the pinnacle of all life, and nature was divinely offered up to do with as Man pleased. We see now how this human/male-centric ignorance led to the plunder and abuse of the natural world – as well as women and any other humans who didn’t look like Europeans – for the purposes of church and state.

When outer planets meet Saturn, major shifts happen in our collective structures and consciousness. In the second half of 1989, Saturn, symbolising authority, restrictions, and duty, conjoined Neptune, the great dissolver of form, in Capricorn (which is all about power and ambition, representing big governments and corporations, and is where Saturn is once again) and opposed expansive Jupiter in Cancer. Uranus, symbolising radical and unexpected change, was also in the sign of Capricorn, though not close enough to be conjunct, but it’s radicalising influence was felt between people and governments around the world.

That year there was rare and powerful student uprising in hard-line communist China, which was crushed following the Tiananmen Square massacre in June, and by November the Berlin Wall came down, with governments throughout the Warsaw Pact and Soviet blocs tumbling within weeks afterwards. The Berlin Wall lasted almost exactly one Saturn cycle, and the unsustainable conditions which had made it possible disintegrated along with it. By February 1990, Nelson Mandela was walking free, and Apartheid was crumbling in South Africa. In August, Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US and allies entered the Gulf War to protect their oil interests. The world was changing so fast it was hard to keep up.

In 2001, at the halfway point in that outer planet cycle, the destructive events of 9/11 happened just as Saturn opposed transformational and destructive Pluto, and the optimism and openness that had been felt around the world contracted into fear, division, and hatred once more.

In the months ahead, we will be seeing the completion of this impactful three-decade long cycle, which coincides with the end of the 500-year-long cycle including Jupiter, this time with Uranus in Taurus mirroring the events of the 1930s: rising nationalism, antisemitism, polarising politics, food security issues and more. As we approach the next conjunction in early 2020, this cycle of destruction – civil and natural – will find a new culmination point one way or another.

A message from nature at a monastery in Bhutan

We need to change our behaviour right now. It’s not about chastisement – it’s an inherent part of a healthy spiritual practice to consider all of life when plotting our own. Take three breaths to reflect on your choices and how they affect other life forms: there are things you can change immediately that will make a difference – most probably something you will decide to stop doing, or to give up. We must sacrifice on some level, because we can’t have it all; we are probably the only handful of generations in human history who ever imagined we could have whatever we wanted without consequences.

Planting trees, changing how we eat, standing up for the weaker members of society, and finding innovative ways of no longer adding to the suffering of the world around us is accessible to all of us. Reducing our belongings is another way of doing this, and anyway living simply is an easier more peaceful way of life. There are some excellent ideas about cutting back on simplifying here which might give you some inspiration to create your own response to our shared crisis.

With Saturn now moving backwards conjunct the South Node (Ketu), we will be compelled to dig in to our integrity and wisdom, and in some cases our capacity for leadership (if no literal, then at least moral).

Everything happens in cycles. If we can control our desires and see them as the drives that lead us towards more suffering sooner or later, likely dragging other people towards suffering along with us, then we can slow down enough to live at a pace that allows us to evolve towards a more satisfying rhythm with life itself – for everyone’s benefit.

We recently celebrated Beltane on May 1st, the cross quarter day which is halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Days are quickly getting longer and the expanding energy is palpable. This is supported by good astrological aspects that can harmonise this energy for our growth and development on many levels.

Mars is opposite Jupiter within hours of the New Moon in Taurus on May 5th, which can create a great stimulus for change or expansion – it can be combative, too, depending on an individual situation, or is can have some people biting off more than they can chew. Used thoughtfully, this is a useful energy for moving plans forward. This new moon is positively aspected and good for planting literal and figurative seeds for what you want to see develop between now and November 2019.

I turned to spirit when I felt my foundations shaking until I realised it was Spirit shaking them.

~ Anonymous

The Taurus New Moon is about sustaining and nurturing what we value. To use this energy best we must rely on ourselves and our own skills, and acknowledge our inherent value. Self value and self love cannot be separated from valuing others and our natural environment. This has nothing to do with selfishness, of course. Acting on selfish desire for short-term satisfaction is how we have arrived at this mess in the first place, and must be stopped from within ourselves so that we can achieve the results we say we want on the outside.

If we try, we can see the beauty and freedom in letting go; we actually create energy by freeing up physical, emotional, and psychological space. This is one of the reasons meditation is so energising – it frees us from ourselves.

Much of the difficult energy of the past few months and even years has been integrated and hopefully understood, and now we are moving into a phase of clearing away the debris and realising our personal mission so we can prepare the path forward. Old things, ideas, and relationships are being shed with increasing certainty, yet the new stuff isn’t quite visible or available to us yet: as the French say, we are “entre deux chaises”. It’s okay to stay standing for a while. We’ve been languishing for too long.

With much love and light as always,