Significant new starts at the Pisces New Moon

There is a lot happening this week that may go unnoticed in the short term, or simply overlooked because there is so much going on at once. But I suspect we will all look back at this period a few months from now and realise that this was the time when something changed after a long time waiting…

Pisces symbolises our unconscious self or what goes on behind our eyes, a sort of merging of the visible world with the invisible. It is a deeply spiritual energy, and in its lowest vibration can lead to escapism of all kinds, including addictions, as well as deception–either deliberate or unintentional. This Piscean New Moon is strongly influenced by Mercury (representing communications and thinking), which is now retrograde since yesterday, March 5th, and Neptune (compassion, confusion), which can elevate us spiritually or delude us with tinselly charms.

Mars in a supporting aspect to the Moon-Neptune conjuction suggests a new sense of purpose, or determination, even if action is not yet possible (or advisable). If the next steps are already clear to you, keep walking! Otherwise, develop this sense of resolve that will take you firmly into a new phase of life within 6-12 months.

“We are happy when people/things conform and unhappy when they don’t. People and events don’t disappoint us, our models of reality do.
It is my model of reality that determines my happiness or disappointments.”  

~ Stefan Zweig

Adding to the volatility, Saturn and Pluto are also conjunct Ketu, the South Node. Issues of separation, transformation, letting go, or even a sense of meltdown–whatever it is, the change is inevitable. Keep your standards and integrity high, and trim everything else. Traveling lightly will make any losses easier to bear.

Saturn and Pluto are moving closer to their rare conjunction all through this year. It happens only every 35 years or so: in late 1914 and early 1915, it signalled the start of the Great War; the next cycle, in 1947-1948, America consolidated its global power with the Marshall Plan, the Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons, leading to the arms race soon afterwards, and tensions in Korea sparked conflicts leading to a (still ongoing) war by 1950. The Vietnam War began at the time of the first Pluto-Saturn square, and peaked at the time of their opposition with the largest US operation of the war, leading to major anti-war protests, and finally the US withdrawal by the time of the closing Pluto-Saturn square from 1974. The war ended a year later but had prompted a major refugee crisis for years afterwards.

Our current cycle of Saturn-Pluto began in 1981-82 and ends with their next exact conjunction in January 2020. This Saturn-Pluto cycle has been about redressing the imbalance and disharmony between the masculine and feminine principles and between ourselves and our environment. Our relationship to the Earth and the use of power and our systems of power have all been transformed.

At the start of the cycle, Conservative Capitalistic powers gained prominence in Western countries, cutting social programmes and paving the way for the financial system to dominate decisionmaking, and the Iran-Iraq war was becoming entrenched (it ended in 1988). The US covertly sponsored government overthrows in South America and elsewhere throughout the 1980s, and the CIA supported the Taliban in Afghanistan throughout the 1980s against the Soviet invasion and war. The Soviet Union was finally forced to withdraw troops in 1989, leaving a vacuum filled by the now out or control Taliban three years later. The entire Soviet Union collapsed only months later.

The first opposition of Saturn to Pluto came on 5 August 2001, followed quickly by the events of 9/11 in the US, and as further oppositions took place in November 2001 and May 2002 the US and its allies prepared for (illegal and illegitimate) wars that continue to have consequences today. The Larsen Ice Shelf in the Antarctic broke apart during this second opposition phase in early 2002, highlighting rapidly accelerating climate change.

All through 2019 we are building up to the end of this cycle. What have we learned? Covert wars are ongoing, and the US and its allies are once again striving to stir conflict and overthrow the government of Venezuela, this time openly admitting it is for access to their oil reserves. Will it be allowed to happen by a world that has already been fooled several times into wars driven by greed? Will a new cycle of environmentally and socially damaging wars begin, or will something stop the trend? Will the financial sector lose its power and grip on the world economy? Will quality of life and environmental protection prevail over shareholder dividends? What is our individual role in this?

Another big, era-defining change right now is coming from Uranus shifting into Taurus to stay as of today (March 6th) until 2026, a rare event sandwiched between Mercury stationing retrograde as it conjuncts Chiron (healing/self-sabotage) and the Pisces New Moon alongside nebulous Neptune. This is a critical time of rapid change, and things are malleable and wobbly at the moment. Confusion and anxiety reign so it is important we remember the greater truth of ourselves now to avoid being drawn into it.

When astrological events happen close together, and especially when rare cycles coincide in unusual ways, it’s worth taking notice. This is a dramatic year in a decade of dramatic years, and March is the clarion call for the changes we will see throughout 2019. Expect a major shift in awareness around food security, our diet, money and payment systems, the environment and natural catastrophes, changing weather patterns and abrupt, unexpected events that change the course of history and society. What we value will be tested and transformed, as well as how we express that value.

I was struck by these articles in the Guardian newspaper just from today, perfectly illustrating the parallels we are living in with the 1930s era when Uranus was last in Taurus: on the rise of populism; issues of antisemitism and identity politics; the cash system in the UK expected to collapse; food system safety issues; and the increasing inequality between the excesses of the privileged and the desperation of the underprivileged.

Imagine the next seven years of your life: where do you want to be? What do you want to see for yourself in the years ahead? How do you see society , and what kind of world do you want to help create? Look for the house ruled by Taurus in your chart to see where you can focus on manifesting change.

We’re being challenged now to decide what is real and what is false, what is realistic and what is a pipe dream. It might be preferable to withhold judgement altogether until more clarity emerges in April. This applies as much to your own life as to the evening news. Nothing is as it seems, and it is more than ever apparent. This is why we can be so destabilised now, as we know there’s something going on behind the scenes, but we can’t quite put our finger on it…

You won’t often hear from me about Mercury Retrograde, although it has taken on legendary status in pop astrology. If you were to believe the hype surrounding it (a very modern, internet-influenced affectation), we would all be subject to malfunctions, forgetfulness, mishaps and computer crashes in the 3 x 3 weeks per year that Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky far more than any other time of the year.

But what can we blame it on the rest of the year then? I take the traditional approach, which suggests that Mercury is more prominent in our consciousness now making the retrograde period a good time to retreat, go within and reflect on your aims whenever possible, and revise or review plans, work, contracts or anything else which requires detailed thinking.

As I implied above, go slow and hold off on initiating anything new, and especially don’t jump into major life changes unless they are imposed from the outside. None of us is seeing clearly right now, so you’ll just end up bumping into the rest of us stumbling around as you rush out the door.

This energy is really supportive of more elevated or inspirational projects and ideas, which benefit from our attention right now. We can’t always be moving forward. It is really helpful to be slowed down and reflective periodically, so remember this if you get frustrated at things not working out as planned in the next couple of weeks (they won’t). If there is confusion, don’t act.

Review and revise your belief systems–religion, principles, politics, social structures–its all up for questioning. Our beliefs are nothing more than habitual, conditioned, consensus thinking. Do these align with your direct experience? Have recent events got you looking differently at your government, your church, or your values?

The news will be filled with seemingly endless revelations of abuse of all kinds–abuse of people, money, power, nature–with some peak revelations expected in April and afterwards. It’s really hard to stomach the news these days, but we must stay at least superficially connected to strengthen our capacity to speak truth to power.

It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that’s not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything.

~ Stephen Colbert, Host of The Late Show

Issues of truth, justice and deception are playing out all through 2019 as Jupiter squares Neptune, and this is a particularly strong theme at the moment. We will need to use our intuition more than usual in March as the intellect will be somewhat unreliable and we might not make good choices without the inner guidance fully switched on.

Notice the themes of the use and abuse of power that keep bobbing up this year. It’s preparation for 2020 when the show really starts to get interesting. Stay aware of the energy behind your intentions and actions–and that of others–it matters! Take as a recent example the US actor who tried to get attention (and more money) by faking a hate crime in Chicago a couple of weeks ago: he got the attention he was seeking, but his nefarious intentions meant the result was not what he was hoping for. Our intentions influence our karma.

I hope this period brings you the chance to wake up fully to the life you want. Find ways to reach out and help others when you feel stuck in your own situation, and remember that change is the only constant.

Much love and light,


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